The Sensual (Quadratic) Form

LZ just asked me to help him download The Sensual Quadratic Form from I really wonder what he is reading sometimes. If anyone could commit to monkhood and marry his enduring passion it would have to be him. I suppose I should give it a read since I took away amazingly little from the Math 223 lectures on quadratic forms – I still think the final exam question was set wrongly – nobody seemed to be able to solve the question on quadratic forms and the one guy who said he got the answer had forgotten the definition of the trace of a matrix so didn’t do it right anyway. And then my grade for the course was weirdly skewed so I have no idea what really happened in the exam. No questions, no restitution.

Anyway the reason he asked me to help is because apparently the 7 downloads/day bookOS limit for his IP address has been maxed out? He thinks it’s cause the entire I²r is counted as having the same IP address and probably someone already downloaded the maximum number of books for the day. That would never happen here, for the obvious reason that I haven’t actually met anyone else who reads. I suppose you could download textbooks or crypto texts, but I also don’t know anyone who is savvy enough to find these things. People here don’t even know that the National Library of Singapore has a springerlink account, that is, you can download literally anything from springerlink as long as you’re a Singaporean. One really has to wonder how research gets done.

If you want to read The Sensual (Quadratic) Form, you can find it in djvu or pdf on


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