Free chocolate

So it’s pretty official (if official means word of mouth) – that my PhD application got approved by the CEO. My program director told me yesterday. Yay!

I’m not sure if it’s because of precedence (of winning the Next to Normal tickets – first time I’ve ever won anything fortuitously) but I am no longer as cynical about entering contests. Cadbury has a contest now that offers 3 Smeg fridges as prizes. The winning is not guaranteed (unlike the engineer buying pudding for miles), but the prize is pretty attractive. I’ve always wanted a Smeg fridge but they are freaking expensive – $4000 for a retro one. And somewhat unfortunately it will be plastered with the cadbury logo. While purple is my favourite color, and Cadbury’s royal purple at that, I’m not sure I want it in my kitchen? Which I have already designed in my head to look like any of these:

or with a herb garden:

(of course I’m just dreaming about the skylight…)

this one is really ideal but takes up too much space. I like the idea of the bronze/cream dramatic tiling and also the chrome countertop (although of course it should come with some extra friction areas for chopping boards and rolling dough out etc., like a bathroom floor)

Perfect for a living room kitchen – the kitchens in HDBs nowadays are so tiny! Can’t do anything in them – the worst part is, they are blocked in by the bomb shelter room whose walls you cannot demolish. This is slightly surprising to me – do singaporeans nowadays not cook? Like the size of the kitchen is a big deal to everyone I’ve talked to who’s looking around for flats.

This drawer is a necessity – I don’t know why they don’t make kitchen cabinets automatically come with these. It’s great not just for dry produce that need ventilation, but also for cutlery you want to dry.

Royal purple isn’t exactly a very classy interior decor color.

Anyway what you have to do to make your possibility of winning a fridge go from 0 to non-zero is to buy $10 worth of cadbury products – which is not so bad a deal. I don’t really like cadbury (I’m more of a Neuhaus person), but liangze likes it a lot. Still, he can’t eat $20 worth of cadbury chocolate – does anyone want any?


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