MC part 2

I’m all better! Got well on Friday actually but stayed home anyway since I had medical leave anyway. Lz took a half day to accompany me and we blazed through two animes and two levels of candy crush! MC is really fun when you’re well! Actually the anime obsession only started when someone posted a buzzfeed link on fb called Anime Without Context Proves Anime is Absolutely Insane and some of the screen grabs there were hilarious! I downloaded The Devil is a Part-Timer, in which this scene appears:

3. Anime characters always have the most profound last words:

as well as Saki, in which this appears:

Saki turned out to be really fun to watch, because it’s about mahjong, one of my favourite games (we’ve kinda stopped the mahjong klatsch since JC days even though all of us are back from overseas.. I guess life and boyfriends and stuff got in the way). Not that there was any real skill shown in the anime, most of the incredible wins seemed to occur by pure luck, but it was fun to watch all the same because I could understand some of the Japanese terms (the subtitles use the japanese names for mahjong terms) and see the parallels between chinese and japanese mahjong language, e.g.
tsumo – 自摸 – where you pick the winning tile from the wall instead of winning off another player’s discard.
chun – 中
pon – 碰
kan – 槓
chi – 吃
ron – 糊 (this one is different)
chitoitsu – 七対子 – a winning hand with no melds and 7 doubles
rinshan kaihou – 嶺上開花 – winning with a tile from the dead wall immediately after a 槓 – a four of a kind.
haitei raoyue – 海底撈月- winning with the last tile before reaching the dead wall.
They also have 十三幺, but it’s usually called ‘kokushi musou’.

The Devil is a Part-Timer is interesting but not great, and I wouldn’t recommend it. The only thing going for it is that it’s only 13 episodes. Japanese anime are really short – each episode is usually only about 20 minutes if you cut out the song at the intro and the song at the end.

Cute Bizarro cartoon Dan Piraro posted on fb today:



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