Woke up with a bunch of aches, nausea, general ennui and unhappiness – thought perhaps it was cause of the mooncake baking at work yesterday where I was kneading the green tea lotus paste with quite a lot of vim (my organization makes and sells snowskin mooncakes for charity) – but then again baking stuff that requires upper body strength has never fazed me (compared to say, exercise like jogging, swimming) with aches the next day. Besides I am still young and to ache after one hour of kneading would be kinda shameful. Turns out I had a fever and perhaps stomach flu. The last time I ached like that I had food poisoning from the red velvet cake at Okenshields and basically threw up the entire night. Poor Amrita was the model roommate then. I never held her hair up while she puked because of overdrinking :P I’ve not touched red velvet cake since then.

Anyway I had a meeting in the morning and left for the doctor promptly after. He asked me if there was any possibility of being pregnant?!? I assured him there was none but asked him if pregnant women got these symptoms and he said they usually do in the first trimester!!! I mean I heard about the morning sickness but aching all over?? Good grief. Good thing I don’t like kids anyway. That’s like having a perpetual fever!! I will be miserable for at most one, two days tops, but if you’re pregnant you’d be miserable for a good three months! Kids are such a disease.

It’s nice to stay at home and kinda bully/guilt everyone around you to do stuff for you. Liangze drove me home after that and my mum asked me what I wanted to eat! I ordered steamed egg and chicken in ginger and shaoxing wine with wolfberries. hahaha.


Un pensiero su “Down

  1. wait, that was chicken in shaoxing wine? i thot the chicken was fried with potatoes!

    “It’s nice to stay at home and kinda bully/guilt everyone around you to do stuff for you.” <— you don't even need to be sick to do that!!


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