At the BBQ

We spent the weekend at the company chalet at Costa Sands Downtown East, in good company. Well technically it was a cards chalet, and while I’ve never organized a chalet before, this was extraordinarily easy – providing food is something I do all the time anyway, and no other entertainment is needed other than two decks of cards, which Charlotte provided. There was some concern about how it was “too organized” hahaha which seems to be often associated with a dearth of fun – a kind of organized things can’t be fun, if so much effort went into organizing them sentiment. I actually like writing lists (especially if they are of food, or presents for people), and even better if my list-writing puts off actual work that needs to be done.

I made three lists for the three different meals we were going to have –

they didn’t turn out much different from each other in the end, due to the fact that liangze stopped me from buying and butterflying a whole chicken to grill peruvian style (a lot of work), and I already only did the prep for everything on thursday night – marinating the chicken wings,

making the garlic butter for the prawns, deveining and buttering the prawns,

boiling and peeling the quail’s eggs, threading everything on skewers,

dicing and marinating and threading the chicken breast on skewers for yakitori,

making the ginger soy butter for the corn

(this didn’t come through as well as i hoped! Will go with simple butter and sugar next time), making the potato salad, the calamansi vermicelli salad (nothing like the naked fin’s one!), and wrapping the asparagus and enoki with bacon.

So on thursday after all the prep we only went to bed at 1am or so, and friday and saturday at like 3am and 5:30am because the 80 point game just wouldn’t finish! We managed to get through about 3 entire quans though – and that’s the whole point of playing cards at a chalet right? You can play till as late as you want, and sleep in as much as you want.

The food was good, especially the otah and satay that we procured from ghim moh.

I intend this to be an annual card chalet, although it’s a little difficult to organize the attendees because I don’t know exactly when I’ll be assigned the chalet booking from my company and different people are back in singapore at different times, with different dietary requirements. I had a lot of fun, though I’m still paying for the sleep debt till now. We completely crashed on Sunday, slept right through lunch and was late to dinner at LZ’s house.

Lessons learnt
1. Don’t BBQ over lunch – just go out to eat. It’s far too hot!
2. Don’t BBQ Japanese sweet potato directly, they should be boiled first.

That’s about it, actually, everything else ran like clockwork, and LZ was really good at starting fires; the fires started up really efficiently with minimal wastage of firestarters compared to all the church and class BBQs I’ve been to. I guess dating a scout has it’s plus points. We bought a pack of 20 firestarters and I was going to buy another box of them at NTUC just for good measure and he stopped me.


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