Today’s Borowitz Report covers hard hitting news like the impending Syrian crisis:

“…a leading Senate Republican said today that the only way to resolve the crisis in the war-torn Middle Eastern country is by ‘defunding Obamacare at once.’

Elaborating on his strategy, Sen. Cruz added, ‘By defunding Obamacare, we would basically be saying to Assad, ‘This is how we attack our own President, so just imagine what we’ll do to you.’ That would make him think twice before he pulls another one of his stunts.’”

lol. I wonder if anyone’s done a study on how much wealth in the country is controlled by Republicans as opposed to Democrats. I know of some less well to do Republicans who totally benefit from Obamacare but who still bite the hand that feeds them because of the president’s homophilia. It’s a thankless job, being the president.

I’m pretty sure most of the people who contributed to the $100,000 milestone the chimes just reached toward our endowment were Republican.

Other snippets I learnt from the today’s Serious Eats newsletter:
1. Clear out egg shards that fall into your bowl of egg with the empty half of an egg shell
2. Peel ginger with a spoon
3. Freeze things flat – they thaw faster.
4. Freeze cubes of wine for stews and glazes – this is most pertinent to me, I always find myself buying entire bottles of wine for cooking when I only need a few tablespoons.



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