Lunch at The Good Cafe

This was our first time trying it after Grace posted a promotional picture of their chilli crab pie on facebook – it’s a little cafe tucked away on the second/third storeys of a laser clinic in Holland V – a haven for students. I must say the standard of cafes that students study in nowadays has really pushed the envelope – McDonalds was good enough for me when I was a teenager, and occasionally we went to Coffee Bean, I can’t even imagine how these kids can afford to have their lunch here.

We got a lunch set with chicken tikka masala and lemonade ($20):

Cream of mushroom – not out of a can! This is pretty rare in Singapore. Mushroom soup seems to be getting more and more upscale as a meal add-on here.

DIY lemonade – more like an Italian soda than anything. You get to add the corn syrup yourself to decide exactly how sweet you want it.

The chicken tikka was not bad, tasted a little like butter chicken, but came with absolutely no dressing up – just rice and chicken. Even though it tastes good you feel like you’re eating just to fill your tank, given the lack of nutrition in this meal.

The chilli crab pie ($16) came with their home-fried chips and a dressed salad.

The pie pastry seems to be the frozen sort and I am curious if I can do better with my chicken pot pie crust. I still have the Jumbo spice packs his mum gave me for chilli crab and black pepper crab.

We ended the meal with a chocolate mousse ($8) – a bit on the heavy side for lunch but quite a nice mousse with ganache, sponge, and a dacquoise type base that tasted like stale feuilletine.

There’s no service charge here and the place seems to be run by fresh grads. I think it’s great that the service industry seems to be getting ‘hipper’ as a job option, now it only remains to make the domestic worker/maid and construction worker occupation appear palatable to the learned.



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