Lunch Break

I was listening to some of Bach’s English Suites on the bus back to work from Ghim Moh – and kept hearing a man muttering behind me, as if calling out to me so I kept turning around and looking, before realizing that the muttering was coming from my ipod – I forgot that Glenn Gould was performing the English suites! He mutters while playing. A foremost Bach interpreter, the only thing one has to get used to in his recordings are his constant tics and murmurings as he plays – who cares if he’s recording for Naxos or EMI? He wants to burble random things while he’s playing and so he shall. It’s a little bit disconcerting when you first hear one of his recordings but you sorta get used to it.

I wonder if it’s a form of Tourette’s, his involuntary (?) ticcing/echolalia during his playing – no one else really does it like that, or else they have other performance tics, not just vocal ones. There was a guy one year my senior in RJMEP that kept twitching his left eye while playing the violin, so much so that all of us would mimic him mercilessly whenever he was playing. Violinists are great people to mimic because the vast majority of the male population of violinists (in Singapore anyway) are usually rather sensitive and a tad egotistical and you feel justified in being cruel.

Today is tuesday, so the lunch shuttle goes to Holland Village, but I made a little detour to Ghim Moh to ship out Chris’s present from the Post Office there as well as to scout around the stalls selling raw otah and satay to get brochures and opening hours for tmr. There are 3 stalls in Ghim Moh market/food centre carrying food for BBQs! They even have BBQ packages where you can order all the food, including charcoal, tongs, wire meshes, and firestarters, and they’ll deliver it all to your chalet! Sounds like a better plan for next time. For this weekend’s chalet/BBQ, I will be preparing most of the food tonight – the chicken wings, beehoon, potato salad, quail’s eggs, bacon wrapped enoki/asparagus, etc.which I enjoy doing but it’s also nice to just pay for stuff that other people can do for you.



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