One of the newest restaurants/bistros in Holland V, this place specializes in sandwiches and salads. We had a caesar salad and prawn pesto sandwich here – the first time Liangze discovered that caesar salads are supposed to have anchovies. I’m not that big a fan of anchovies but I am a fan of poached eggs in my caesar salad.

I hate sprouts! Not only are they hard to eat, they make focusing a royal pain – if your sprouts are clear, the rest of your salad is not. If your salad is clear, your sprouts are not. You can’t win with sprouts.
The salad came with lots of parmesan, but only a little tub of caesar dressing, which was pretty tasty.

The prawn pesto sandwich was quite a novelty:

I guess we borrowed the tradition of using prawns as a sandwich filler from the British, where delis on every corner have prawn salad sandwiches.

They also have a little tapas menu, which features things like truffle mac and cheese, and spam chips!

I thought they’d be fries like the Relish spam fries, but they were actual chips! Very nice with ketchup and mayonnaise. Wonder how difficult it would be to make these. The way nasi lemak stalls cut spam is so crude.

You’ll see this glass fronted restaurant while driving past Holland V – can’t miss it. It’s right in front of the little Provence bakery, a standalone shack, much like the Naked Fin.



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