Q: How many engineers does it take to fix a leaking pipe?

A: More than 1700, for that is the strength of my company but still we have a bucket on the 2nd floor catching drips from a pipe. Excellent.
We can send a satellite into space but we deal with our leaks with buckets.

Reminds me of this New Yorker cartoon:


Today’s Serious Eats recipes look really awesome:
They’ve got malted milk chocolate cookies, easy cioppino, Bananas Foster french toast and chocolate fig biscotti which uses dried figs which I can definitely find here.

I’ve been looking for recipes that are bread intensive since maifen has a loaf of bread (of the gardenia/square bread variety) that needs finishing. I forgot to check out the pots and pans in her kitchen when we last went over :S The cioppino looks like a good bet because we’d have to have lots of garlic bread to go with, and the bananas foster french toast would be great for breakfast. Well pictures will be here if anything materializes next week!

Maifen’s new place in Utown is really comfy –

the whole living room is draped with Nepalese rugs and batiks – even the TV is otherwise covered with a roll of batik because I guess LZ and I are the only ones who watch it. It was like an american basement den – you just sink into the layers and layers of fabric.

We had a movie sleepover there yesterday night and watched Pan’s Labyrinth, which was kinda scary. I had completely forgotten about the Spanish civil war backdrop and only remembered the faun and the pale man whose eyeballs are in his hands. Somehow they don’t look as disturbing now after my first horror movie (The Conjuring) on national day and also with the huge advances in cgi since the time it first came out in JC. I still remember going with Caroline to watch this at Marina Square after school one day and we got carded (I think it’s her) cause it was an NC-16 movie and the guy didn’t realize our uniforms were JC uniforms. After the movie when we stepped out of the theatre into the sunlight (the Marina Square GV exits lead you outside of the shopping mall) the whole world looked so bright and comforting. School seems so easy right now when you are working, although of course you wouldn’t be making any money at it :S


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