The price of lobster today is $2.20/lb off the boat! (That’s about $4.85/kg) Wegman’s sells it for $9.90/lb and I thought that was cheap. Here it is $39.90 per lobster. I think restaurants are getting greedy. What’s wrong with letting prices reflect the supply a little bit? Here I can understand that we are paying for their journey (in water) across the atlantic but in places like John Thomas? Where the Maine Lobster is $70?

People shouldn’t be suspicious if they get a cheap lobster. They should be suspicious that their lobster is not cheaper. I don’t think the earth is gonna get any colder! And I don’t think lobster would taste as cheap as chicken if we were to make them the same price per pound – it’s so difficult to cook! And I’m pretty sure poached chicken in drawn butter would be tasteless. If we had abundant lobster in our waters people would definitely set up lobster shacks to undercut the prices in restaurants – the same way hair studios like Snip Avenue offer unisex haircuts at $3.80, thereby undercutting everyone else. My current haircut was $3.80! At least someone is being truthful as to the worth of their product.

In other news, I discovered that the wolverine is an actual animal.
And that the next season of Big Bang Theory starts on 28th September with two back to back episodes :D If you watch the last episode of Season 6 as a refresher you’ll almost have enough to make a full length movie! I’m really excited. Leonard’s away on a trip to prove one of Stephen Hawking’s theories (ok I’m starting to see a little bit why Raghu doesn’t care for BBT) so Penny and Sheldon will be stuck together. I can’t believe American fans are rooting for them to get together, no wonder they produce so much promiscuous trash. (I don’t mean the promiscuity makes it trashy, it does, a little bit, but the key factor that makes it garbage is the fact that they can’t think of a more generative storyline than decoupling and recoupling the characters like at a swingers party.) If such cliches surfaced in Korean dramas they would be shot down immediately. For the record, the writers are NOT going to put Penny and Sheldon together. That would totally go against both their already well-developed personalities.



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