Indian food

I was never a big fan of Indian food, having never tried much more than prata, which has very little link to India and most nothing like what they call parantha. I suspect this has something to do with the fact that I didn’t learn to eat chilli until my sophomore year – never was a big fan of curries, roti johns, etc. before that. Justine brought crystal and I to this wonderful Nepalese-North Indian place in Little India one day though (despite my many reservations) and it was the first time I ever had butter chicken! Fancy that. It was really good, and I could handle the spiciness, just barely. Everything there is heavy on the palate! No wonder the chefs at Savour have to alter their dishes to cater to our rather masochistic palate.

The amazing butter chicken – packs a punch of flavour, not so much chilli-hot as much as spicy. I really want to learn how to make this.

Vegetable pakhora – remember those spicy wedges KFC used to sell? Well these have nearly quadrupled the spice used to batter those wedges – battering a mix of onion slices, potatoes, okra, and green peppers. I like the onion one best and would probably order the onion pakhora next time. The potato ones were quite good too. Very salty, just the way I like it but I sense many older folk won’t.

We started with a dish called “chilli prawns”, which is exactly what it is. I didn’t saturate the colors in any of these photos, mind, and even tried to desaturate them. I’m not really sure what chilli powder (or coloring?) they use to make the sauce such a brilliant red – it coated my fingers for much of the day afterward. These were really nice as well, although I suspect they would be better with fresher, bigger prawns.

The garlic and onion naan was also amazing, but expensive – at $2.80 each (or something like that) and we couldn’t finish cause they were quite large. Raghu says chappatis should be something like $2 for a set of three, but somehow indian restaurants everywhere have discovered how much everyone else adores their flat bread and started upping their prices for ‘em. The garlic naan was quite something, and I found a recipe for it online to maybe make it myself? The only cooking done over the long weekend was some Eggs Benedict on Saturday in which I discovered that all the eggs in the fridge were not fresh and impossible to cook with.

The green salad we had to attempt to add some fibre. They dress it with lemon juice and cumin, which I am not used to and not sure I care for. I was hoping for something with more lettuce, onions, and yoghurt. Oh well.

Haven’t tried any of the Nepalese dishes here but we’ll probably bring MaiFen one of these days if she misses Nepalese food.



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