We made carnitas over the weekend. A whole 1.6kg joint of pork shoulder, which cost $45 from NTUC, marinated in orange juice, cinnamon, bay leaves, and salt. A tad too salty, Kenji’s recipe. But by the end of it the orange juice flavour was barely discernible because of the overwhelming pork flavour.

Liangze’s chopped vegetables. Gracia grated the cheese.

I bought tortillas from Belmonte, just about the only Latin supermarket (about as small as a single cubicle toilet). They were made fresh and keep about a month. Still, not as soft as I’d like, but plenty stretchy and durable – wouldn’t break too easily if it were wet, unlike the storebought kinds.

Here’s someone sneaking a tostito. While at Belmonte I also picked up a can of Nacho cheese with jalapeno juice. It was really nice, though pricey ($8!) Spose I could have mixed it up with some of the pork stock from slow cooking the pork shoulder for 7 hours.

I also made the mango sabayon tart again, which better results because I waterproofed the pie crust

The mango we used was a humongous taiwanese mango, about the size of a small papaya. My mum says mango is not in season now so it doesn’t matter what kind of mango we bought.

Much less slimy to arrange the slices this time, because the mango was not overripe, and the large mango we used made for really long slices, not little scraps that are really difficult to work with.

The sabayon also turned out much better than last time, with my heavy cream whipping up right nice. Managed to use up the leftover white wine hidden in the store room.

Had gracia and eunice over on saturday to eat the food, and it was nice meeting them again. Eunice says liangze and I are ‘guai’ for staying at home the whole weekend instead of going out lol. I suppose it is a blessing for domestic, indoors-y things to entertain you far more than outdoor activities like shopping or kayaking etc.


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