Primo Piano

Since I asked for a piano instead of an engagement ring, we’ve (he’s) been looking into pianos recently.
This article on buying pianos is filled with hilarious snippets, with which I completely agree:

Pianos are as individual as children!

I can’t emphasize this enough. In fact, most pianos I know are more valuable than most children I know.

Kimball: Ok to not-very-ok. Kimball is now making office and hotel furniture.

Lol! However one should note that they are co-owners of Bosendorfer. I thought they produced chilli sauce.

Ellington: Part of the “Baldwin group” (now owned by Gibson). Be careful. Chinese.

Good advice to heed. Although ‘Chinese’ here is taken to indicate the manufacturer of the piano. Not meant for you to avoid any dealings with Chinese people.

As of this date (2006), Chinese pianos are usually of inferior quality. A decade or two ago, this was true of Korean pianos and Japanese pianos before that, so expect Chinese instruments to improve in quality.

I am sure this will be true. After all, they are producing top quality products in many other fields. I am convinced that as long as your have good QC, there’s nothing they can’t do. As Jeremy once said (with reference to the 46 year old chicken feet that came on the market as food..) “只要你想得到, 沒有我們做不到…! ”

Any brand’s cheapest model is its worst piano. Go up a level.

That is to say, if you can’t afford a proper Steinway of Bosendorfer (or perhaps you can only afford the cheapest one), then go for the best model of a smaller scale brand.

So right now I am contemplating a Boston upright, which is designed by Steinway but manufactured by Kawai. But perhaps this is best left till after our studies, no need to pay for the maintenance and upkeep of the piano for 5 years for nothing.



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