So we brought back a number of gifts from Sydney with us – namely nuts, because almost everyone in singapore is, somewhat oddly, fanatic about macadamias. The thing is, we didn’t quite purchase enough. When you are at a shop ordering nearly 2kg of nuts it seems like a lot until you realise you need to split it between your families, your colleagues, etc. So the obvious solution is to repackage:

We got the idea to cut and fold up paper plates from Pinterest. I didn’t do as nice a job here (the plates we got were too small) but I think it’s decent enough for Singaporean design standards.

There weren’t as many flavours as I had hoped (like abalone, etc.) but there was chilli

and honey roasted.

I think they look just adorable with the little pegs (which I collected back from everyone for reuse lol.)

I also purchased some raw macadamias to make macadamia cookies. After walking around Candy Empire in Star Vista looking for white chocolate chips (to no avail) we discovered packages and packages of macadamia shortbread, so I made that instead. Much easier, in my opinion, apart from the fact that you have to cool these babies in the fridge for 2 hours to preserve the sharp edges of the knife cut.

I made the Scottish shortbread finger style, as well as the round button shaped ones pressed down with a fork and sprinkled with vanilla sugar (supposed to be for Creme Brulee but I haven’t made that in a while)

Here it is with the vase I brought back from Opus Design Co. on Oxford Street in Paddington.

Liangze and his friends inhaled an entire tray of these almost instantaneously while playing Citadels and I had to give them more in ziplocs to take home.



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