The Sydney Fish Market

I’ll be publishing a few of our journal entries in Sydney here – we bought a delightful little notebook with a screen print of the opera house on the front cover from a place called Monster Threads at Westfield in the Sydney CBD. LZ and I took turns to journal in it, record our expenses, collate our parking receipts, tickets, thoughts, memories, grievances, everything. Here is my entry on the Sydney Fish Market (photos from flickr, which I uploaded throughout the trip with what little internet we had in order to back them up. I refused to leave them in the camera card in case I ever ran out of space, so if the hard drive in LZ’s laptop gave out, we would have nothing apart from the shots I managed to upload to Flickr in full resolution)

The Sydney Fish Market
We had a whale of a time here even though they don’t sell whale meat (I could be wrong!) We saw everything else from squid,



wings of rays, baby abalone, razor clams,

spanner crab (of the Pamplemousse Spanner Crab Capellini fame and their pincers actually look like spanners!),

humongous king crab leg clusters,

several different kinds of prawns, both green (raw), and cooked,



Singapore chilli prawns (ha! What on earth is that?),

swimmer crabs,

saucer scallops in their half shell, reproductive parts removed – perfect for noix de St Jacques,

rock lobster,

slipper lobster, and real scampi! Which are not prawns.

Just to name a few.

Check out this $690 crab

and these fish with googly eyes:

Didn’t really take notice of what they are but I know their name starts with a ‘p’.

Fun Fact: Australians refer to crayfish as bugs! As they sell crocodile and kangaroo meat on skewers, I wondered what new monstrosity ‘bugs’ could possibly be on the menu of Outback Jack’s. Turns out to be crayfish. You can really see the anatomical differences between a lobster and a crayfish/bug when they’re arranged side by side on the fish market shelf.

Not to mention the sheer variety of groceries there! I could find my dried ancho, pasilla, and chipotle chillies

(time for homemade chipotle sauce? Or perhaps some real beef barbacoa? I brought back a package of each (they’re dried and will last till 2015) as well as an overpriced bag of ‘honeycomb’ for baking – the kind you find in crunchie bars? No honey in there at all! Made with high fructose corn syrup. So now you know. Williams Sonoma sells honeycomb in jars – they basically arrange the jars upside down in a bee colony (probably with a seed or catalyst of some sort) and the bees construct the honey comb inside the jars themselves! Then Williams Sonoma slaps the cap on the jars and vacuum seals it, and you have a hunk of honeycomb bigger than the opening of the jar. If only bees knew how to make model ships huh??

So anyway I spent ages snapping artistic shots of all the fresh produce – all products of Australia.

the cherries weren’t real cheap – roughly the same price as in Singapore so I guess the season is over.

Humongous leeks

Triangulating pears

they cut and cling wrap melons to show you how fresh they are,

and all the varieties of onions and potatoes are really neatly arranged!

Haven’t seen a market with Jerusalem artichokes,

fresh figs, and humongous chestnuts/custard apples in awhile.

Heirlooms too!
I really miss Wegman’s – that place had everything, including freaking prima packs! Liangze was really bored though. When I was successfully dragged away we found a lovely outdoor table right by the harbour (where the seafood comes in, presumably)

and I sat there to chope it while he went to forage for food. We got a half lobster mornay(not great – cooked by Chinese! They don’t have much skill with dairy as far as I can tell), fried calamari – not bad, but not fresh/crispy either, and some really nice steamed prawns with cocktail sauce – not the American kind with horseradish, but the creamy British sort. I suppose I shouldn’t have expected otherwise since Australia’s a British colony.



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