La Perouse

Outside the sky is light with stars
There’s a hollow roaring from the sea

We walked along the seaside at La Perouse, a little tooth like peninsula at the mouth of Botany Bay. The peninsula ended in an island which beheld a museum.

On the other side of the island, the sky was grey as slate, flinted with lights from the factories across the shore.

This was the aftermath of the great rainbow that stretched from east to west, building an arc through which we drove from North Sydney to Botany Bay-

Dusk had not yet descended on this most secluded of beaches. On Frenchman’s Bay, lovers come for leisurely strolls amongst fishermen; a couple were shooting their wedding photos.

As the light began to wane, sailboats dotted the horizon of factories and airports, casting their intricate shadows like nets into the sea. No longer are we in the era of those beautiful vessels with towering masts and bunched up sails, wending their mercantile way through the trade routes of the South China Sea. Everything is high powered these days, lithe like the shinkansen. Now, the only place in which you will find the most classic of ships is in a bottle.



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