So we’ve got most of the administrative nitty gritty out of the way.
1. Booked the car. Rental cars are insanely cheap in Australia, even in Sydney. It costs <$20 a day, add some taxes plus the GPS to that and we're looking at maybe $220 for about a week.
2. Borrowed a bunch of DVDs from the library yesterday and put them into a CD case. The service apartment has a DVD player and we're assuming the car has a CD deck, so we borrowed some CDs too. I typed and printed mini versions of the blurbs on each DVD case so we can choose what we want to watch.
3. Now we have two lenses plus a polarizer and the anti flare shield. Hopefully we'll get some good shots of birds and nature.
4. We have a google spreadsheet of all the places we want to go to, so we'll just have to drive out as and when the impulse strikes. Due to Apple's completely incompetent Maps app, I have requested a GPS from the rental company.
5. Amazingly, the rental apartment and flight tickets were booked about a month ago.
6. Also applied/got the Electronic Travel Authority "E-visa" or we'd have been refused entry! Can't believe we need a "visa" for Australia. I thought the British used to send their prisoners there.

I am most excited about going back to cheap dairy and fresh produce – chocolates, cheese, cream, eggs.. Perhaps I will have English breakfast fry ups every morning since the hotel does not provide any such service and well, we have a kitchenette. The best breakfast I ever had was at the Jury's Inn in Croydon. Amazing sausages and tomatoes. I also really liked cooking at Plitvice (there were no restaurants around, but a tiny little grocery shop in Jezera that we bought things like sausages, eggs, fish fingers, lettuce, etc. from.

Of course, there are plenty of breakfast establishments in Sydney (pancakes on the rocks) that sound really interesting.

Interesting findings: Cheap parking in the Esplanade area can be found at Marina Square which is $2.20 per entry after 5pm!
The weather in Sydney is super hot for winter (10-18°C) :S



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