So we finally visited a decent sushi restaurant after the documentary somewhere in Somerset. I say ‘decent’ without actually knowing what it means, not eating the sushi myself. But here’s what we had

From Liangze’s Bento box ($40)

A salad with the typical mashed carrot and vinegar dressing

Some kind of sushi covered in roe

Various nigiri and tamago. The only thing I touched was the tamago.

The sashimi (salmon and amago ebi)

Mentaiko grilled salmon. Still having problems focusing with this lens but the conclusion is that liangze and I are probably going to get a prime lens.

Mixed tempura

Green tea pudding

~end of bento set~

Here’s what I had:

My grilled scallops covered in a garlic sauce ($15)

Chawanmushi ($7), slightly different from the rest I’ve tried as it’s covered in a lightly viscous goop, presumably to keep the egg level and from bubbling.

My bonito covered tofu, like agedashi but better ($8)

Ginzara saikyo, or miso glazed black cod ($20)

Garlic fried rice with miso – lots of wok hei. Their miso is quite light tasting and not too salty. ($8)

And finally a tartufo for dessert. ($9)

I will probably be back to try the ebi teppan, which is recommended by Leslie Tay. Thought the grilled dishes today could be more charred. But still, the quality is extraordinary for this little restaurant tucked away in triple one (which nobody goes to cause it’s on the unhip side of the MRT). There is also a Korean salad and grill directly opposite Fukuichi with rather nice decor that I want to try, never having had Korean grilled food before (Does Four Season’s Bulgogi count?)


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