Silver Linings

So I finally got around to World Without End since I was on MC on tuesday and wednesday and I finished it! In one day. Which is rather an achievement, considering I took 6 months to get through the first 23 books of the bible. I probably should restart that project.

World Without End was riveting (not as much as the Pillars) and I think I barely slept while reading it. I started at around 6pm on Tuesday and slept around 6am, woke up around 10am and resumed reading all the way up to 5pm on wednesday. It was good to stay indoors and keep out of the haze, which has caused the PSI to rocket to the high 300s in the past few days. Of course I took refuge in my room with the windows closed, door closed, aircon and air purifier on. It was a great time to be sick. Not the flu this time, but probably some kind of mineral deficiency that brought along the symptoms of vertigo. Also the fact that the room I slept in on Monday night (PGP) did not have a level floor!? It’s the last time we’re staying in PGP too, since his Aunty is moving to a smaller apartment in Angsana college. Much swankier (like a hotel room) but with a smaller kitchen.

I started wearing disposable masks on monday, before the haze even got bad to protect myself from the dust and smoke particles since I am allergic to dust. Most of my MCs thus far were taken because of colds or flus from excessive dust. Guardian’s probably all sold out now, so it pays to be neurotic sometimes. Lucky people who work in fusionopolis don’t even need to leave the building/MRT to get to their office, unlike primitive ol’ DSO. It’s a good thing it’s the June hols or schools without airconditioning would really suffer. But then again lazy students like me would get to skip PE :P

Takeaways from World Without End:
1. The Bubonic Plague’, also known as ‘la moria grande’ is named after the ‘bubo’s, or lumps found in people’s armpits if they contracted it. It was thought to be transmitted by sight (funny). How weird and disconcerting it would be to live in those times!

2. Many nunneries or priory hospitals with monk physicians who did not know how to heal various diseases would tell patients their best bet to healing is through prayer. Without bothering to experiment or research on possible cures, they glibly doled out this quack multipurpose remedy for all unknown diseases to patients. If you expressed impatience with their incompetence you would be accused of a lack of faith.

3. Schools like Oxford taught medicine according to the theory of the humours (along with blood letting, trepanation etc.) which does not inspire great confidence in the degree system.


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