took this picture with the ipad quite awhile back (only just got around to editing the ipad photos) because this car offended me in some way en route to work but i can’t figure out what it was hahaha

maybe it was the stupid “babies on board” decal. I hate how people who are parents think that their babies are more precious than other human beings – they get seats on the train (never happened in my day, nor did I need to sit when I was a child. Whirling around the poles was much more fun), drivers are supposed to be kinder to cars containing them, etc. What makes children more important than anyone else?

NB: While it sounds like I took this cause I am a grumpy old woman (which I don’t contest) I had only started the habit, if not taking a picture of (I am rarely fast enough) then at least noting the license plate numbers of licentious cars/taxis/motorbikes who will bump into you on the roads without so much as an acknowledgment of misdeed. The correct etiquette is to signal to the offended/offensive motorist to drive into a shoulder or a carpark to inspect for damages and then to make recompense for any incurred, not try to get away scot-free like a big primitive brute.



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