Virtual Library

In this era of cloud computing, one can create their own sharing networks by exploiting various loopholes that companies have not yet patched –
Say a group of avid cooks in Singapore meet on Pinterest and have regular cooking classes/sharing sessions – they all read the same types of magazines – Epicure, Appetite, etc., and do so on tablet devices. They can get a single subscription to their magazines on Zinio, in a single account, say singaporeancooks, and buy various culinary magazines, but register every single one of their devices under this account, thereby paying only once for something that every single one of them can download from the cloud access concurrently. It makes the cloud more open source.

Sharing books on the Kindle means that, effectively, while your book has been shared with your friend, you cannot read the digital version until your friend ‘returns’ it. So it makes sense to get a ‘universal’ amazon account shared by a group of like-minded friends on which all kindle books are bought and can be read on multiple devices at the same time. At present there does not appear to be an upper bound on the number of devices you can register to a single Amazon or Zinio account.

I have a subscription on Zinio to Appetite. Anybody else want in? It’s got great pictures, great layouts, great recipes, great restaurant reviews, okay writing, and by -okay- I mean it’s no highbrow literature but it will do. I have a minor quibble with how they refer to all beverages in their food reviews as ‘libations’. We’re not the in 14th century anymore, and you don’t have to print it three times on one page. And there’s nothing wrong with calling ‘wine’, ‘wine’, or ‘water’, ‘water’.



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