Nothing much has been happening in the last few weeks.
I have refrained from scheduling people for dinner/lunch, although Bibianna’s birthday was last week so we took her to Cajun Kings. The rest of the meals were by ourselves, and it was glorious.

I finished all my Simon Rich books and started on Ishiguro’s The Unconsoled(latest publication), although I could be outdated by now. It’s long and jarring, which could be a good thing.

I also started on my black and white photobook, of which pictures will be up. I made it “on the side” while making his parents’ European photobook. Bought two of the same wheat-colored linen covered books with black pages from Prints, set the photos in them with photo corners (Which are rapidly going out fashion, as is the tendency to print anything, from photos to newspapers to books, when you can just view the soft copy). Due to this trend, there was a big sale at Prints (after it realized that people were no longer dependent on paper products). Same as the discount on Christmas postage rates to 55c per international letter up to 40g. For your reference the typical weight of a letter is no more than 20g. SingPost understands that your Christmas List to Santa may be extensive.

aside: Last Tuesday SingPost released a set of stamps depicting the Marina Bay skyline – 4 stamps with the 4 key sights – The Fullerton, Marina Bay Sands, the Esplanade, and the Singapore Flyer. I bought the Collector’s edition first cover (stamps already affixed to the envelope) which ran out in post offices by Thursday. As Tuesday (the release date) was the actual date of B’s birthday and of J’s first day of work in DSO, they both got a set of stamps.

My first photobook, done with Kikki.K’s software (designed by me), can be browsed through here. This one is of Lars, Olaf, Chris, and Rich – Chris’ mother’s day present. Kikki.K interestingly does not have their own interface for online flipbooks but uses an app called PageFlip that is coded by a Hungarian app designer.

Another batch of Cornellians have graduated. A senior went missing out on Cayuga lake and was never found. There was a cold snap the week of graduation so after the first 8 hours of being missing, there is little uncertainty about his survival.

And the band played on…



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