Protip for getting out of a scholarship talk: Take an MC or regular leave one day before the talk, because HR people are so incompetent that they will only give you the details of your talk ONE DAY before it happens. And this will only happen by handphone (even if they have not established a correct mobile number for you). If you happen to be out of the office on that day and they do not have an updated handphone number for you, they will just call their backup speaker! whoop.

so i went to work today fully prepared to give a talk in the afternoon (despite my voice being all weird and patchy – I was on MC for a cough) but had gotten no information from anybody about the time and the exact venue of the talk. Like literally, nothing. And the talk was today. No email, no voice mail – the only thing I knew from the first email asking me to do it, was that it was in the afternoon. Well so I waited for information and finally called Melvin after getting back from lunch and he said the talk was in the morning. But now that I have slides (albeit slightly questionable ones according to them, they wanted to go through my slides with me lol) they will probably ask me to do it again at some point since I have already prepared and all.

You would think no one responding to a handphone is indication that perhaps you should try another way of contacting me.

I am rather appalled at the fact that they left all the details of informing me about the talk to the last minute. They probably knew the time, date, and venue weeks in advance, but couldn’t be bothered to inform yours truly about any of it. I thought all anyone ever had to do in HR was to communicate with other people. If you can’t even do that then what’s left for you?



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