We took leave yesterday to take up RWS Invites on their 1 for 1 lunch set at Chinois. In general my view of restaurants on Sentosa is that they are overpriced for the casino guests, most of whom are foreigners. The menu in Chinois was also totally geared toward gamblers, with names such as ‘Triumph Set’ and ‘Good Fortune Set’ at exorbitant prices and all with seafood. I guess the idea is that if you plonk down that much money while gambling, you wouldn’t mind plonking down a small percentage of that to buy yourself some luck via a restaurant’s set menu. The quality also doesn’t seem that fantastic, and a lot of the waitstaff are from China, considering that the majority of the guests are from china.

One thing I hate about Resorts World Singapore are the toilets. We happened to go to the Adventure Cove Water Park yesterday (something I thought was for kids, but we had two free tickets so we went) and so we needed to change clothes multiple times – in and out of swimwear so as to be presentable enough to go to the restaurants, all of which had a smart casual dress code and an explicit disclaimer on their webpage saying no slippers, no sandals, no t shirts, no bermudas, no shorts, no sleeveless shirts, no jeans. They are on a freaking island! What do they think tourists wear?? I hate ponce-y places like that, but I did want to try their food (at least once). So we changed our attire accordingly in the toilets, which looked, smelt, and were, disgusting. Like they smelt of pee. The hotels look so luxurious and the whole place is touristified (with a Disney theme I think) but the toilets are absolutely disgusting. I suspect it’s the concentration of foreign people who may not come from countries with as nice toilets as here. I don’t know if I’m being xenophobic or not but let’s face it, most singaporean girls are very spoilt when it comes to toilets – our toilets usually smell of disinfectant or floral air freshener, and we’re the sort who will wipe the toilet seat cover before deigning to sit, every single time, regardless of whether it looks dirty or not. It was really quite disgusting changing in the public toilets :S

The Adventure Cove Waterpark is sort of a park for kids – there is this long river through the park on which you can float in lifesaver type floats (large enough for you to sit in), or you can walk (the water level is < 0.9m), or swim. We swam most of the time – you have very little control over where you're going with the floats. There are large water slides along the way, as well as a tide pool and a coral reef for you to snorkel – yes, we import everything, including an entire coral reef, pH controlled, salinity controlled, temperature controlled, with 20000 fish in it. You had to queue to "get into" most of the "rides", such as the slides and the coral reef. The place was really crowded for a Monday afternoon! It's not the school holidays, I can't imagine what it'd be like if it were the school holidays. Still, I think I much preferred Fantasy Island, where most of the things were thrilling, dangerous, and usually involved a huge loss of potential energy. Too bad that got closed (apparently cause of some deaths?)

Because I’ve dedicated a good six posts to food previously I won’t cover the food we had in today’s post. It was not bad, but not worth the price tag, I think.

On the way home we were listening to Class 95 FM, having got somewhat sick of classical music (what 92.4 was playing was not very island-y) and the oldies station was not very appealing either. The perky Class 95 DJ announced that she was on the air every Monday to Friday from 9pm to 1am! What a job! I totally wouldn’t mind DJ-ing those hours and then sleeping in and having the rest of the day free, assuming she has the rest of the day free. What happens when DJs have a cold or a cough or something?



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