How come everybody’s so free on friday afternoon?
We spotted two couples we know in Ion today while having lunch (I guess they could ask the same of us, who are young and able bodied, not even near the retirement age. The couples we spotted were nearly retiring – one was Charmaine’s parents and the other was my aunt and uncle. We went there so I could collect my Kikki.K photobook – I designed a photobook using the Kikki.K software for Chris for mother’s day and it is delightful. I’ll post pics of it at some point. It’s a whole album of our camping adventures at Hyner Point last summer with Lars and Olaf. They shipped it to America nearly a week ago, from Australia! No idea why it would take longer to get to Singapore than to the US (I ordered two copies). I understand that the photobook was stuck at customs a long time, but my delivery from ComGateway was not impeded by our customs in any way – less than a week since I sent it off and I’ve already received my magazines (Kinfolk) and assorted books from Oregon. Kikki.K gave me 20% off my next photobook purchase, which is quite a bit. I’ve been thinking of doing one of cornell and of budapest, since I have a ton of pictures.

Thanks to amazon and NoQ, I am now the proud owner of all of Simon Rich’s books, including his latest, The Last Girlfriend on Earth. Also of all of Charles Saatchi’s published interviews. Lots to read in the next few weeks, which is just as well since I’m all done with my library books and almost finished with Candy Crush. Anyone who’d like to borrow anything for some light summer reading can just drop me an email.



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