Eating Out Part V: Eggs Benedict

I have been promising a post about our brunch escapades for so long that everybody’s probably forgotten about it. Referring to the following brunch shortlist: which we tried to conquer somewhere at the end of last year, we’ve only done 3 of the 5 venues suggested (along with many other distracting places), and here are the results, in order of my satisfaction, starting with the most satisfied with their rendition of eggs (benedict).

We came here with Justine (she was treating me for my birthday). I like their typical lunch and dinner offerings, but have never really tried their brunch.

This was by far the best eggs benedict I’ve sampled in Singapore. They toast the hollandaise sauce, which causes the Maillard reaction and on hollandaise and poached eggs? Is super tasty.

This is their eggs en cocotte, served with toast soldiers. Liangze really liked the foie gras. I like the one at the Bistro du Sommelier better, where the foie gras is spread onto the toast soldiers instead of served as an entire liver in the cocotte:

The cream of porcini with truffle oil, cordyceps, and escargots. I don’t think the escargots were mentioned in the menu, I spent quite a while figuring out what it was :S

Liangze also had the spanner crab capellini we normally get, but it’s not very brunchy hence not featured here.

Wild Honey

We had the portabello benedict here and it was amazing. The ingredients used are all very fresh, and cooked perfectly. They serve it on very thick homemade brioche cubes as opposed to the typical English muffins, which was pretty amazing as well. The hollandaise sauce is topped with a sort of salsa, although it could be particular to the portabello one. This place is a tad more expensive and it took us 1/2 an hour to get in on a Saturday morning. But you can check their specials online!

This was a special on the day we went – parmesan breaded poached egg with a spinach souffle (awful) atop bacon and savory french toast. Basically, a mix and match of existing items on the menu (apart from the spinach souffle, thank goodness).

We spent about $64 here (including drinks)

Eggs and Berries

Liangze’s pot of Earl Grey.

Perfectly poached. Great hollandaise sauce. And quite possibly the cheapest Eggs Ben in Singapore at $16.60. They have an Italian styled one with prosciutto as well for $18.80 or something like that. It’s cheap probably because of its location – in Changi City Point. We took an express bus to Changi from Yishun (that goes via the TPE then PIE) before switching to the MRT to Expo. This was on the shortlist, but we’d hesitated about going for very long cause making a trip all the way out there just for brunch seems to be kind of lame – but we visited this place last saturday where there was a mini IT fair at the Expo (not the regular computer fair at Suntec) where we got two 1 Tb hard drives at $99 each. One will be dedicated for photos, and another for movies and music perhaps. That makes our total external storage device capacity total to 4 Tb. I already have a 1 Tb hard drive I bought at Challenger using Hong Quan’s Mum’s Challenger membership lol. This one was under Gain City, and even cheaper. Anyway, it was as good an excuse for brunch as any. If you can see in the photo their eggs ben was served with a side of rosti and bacon strips which were really crispy. I find singaporeans not really adept at crisping bacon – could be due to the fact that our bacon slices aren’t all that thin either. They were really thin in the Cornell dining halls, and the thinnest I’ve encountered was in Copenhagen where we crashed at my brother’s for awhile. Those were divine.

We also had their grilled chicken thigh – lots of charred goodness with straight cut fries that tasted quite like Louie’s (the fast food late night van opposite Risley, my residence hall for two years) but with less Cajun seasoning. Almost everything comes with a poached egg, which is awesome. I really wanted to try their waffles or crepes, but we couldn’t fit anything else in for that day. Perhaps another time. I’d definitely come back, although there are plenty of eating options in Changi City Point I almost wish I worked in Changi business park.

The Marmalade Pantry

Very nice eggs benedict with a splash of rocket and cayenne. The english muffins are toasted too, which is not true of Eggs and Berries. We wenet here on a double date of sorts with Charmaine and Marcus to kind of invite them to join the cell group, which is now named Sunday Morning Breakfast Cereal.

They have this durian looking lemon meringue cake that was quite nice, but a bit too much. I also like their cupcakes quite a bit.

Came here with the girls one Sunday afternoon. I couldn’t make it before 12 because of church, which made them conclude that I was a staunch Christian. lol. What does ‘staunch’ mean exactly? I don’t think I am. I know what I believe in, which is quite different from being ‘staunch’.

They have a really good version of asparagi alla bismarck. Amazingly soft, almost half boiled egg, with truffle croutons and bearnaise sauce and shaved prosciutto layered onto grilled asparagus spears. I could write a menu.

It was so good I brought Liangze back for more.

They also have a very creamy burrata on heirloom tomatoes with really nice pesto (almost comparable to Zaza’s)

Maison Ikkoku
Came here with hanrong and charlotte (yes, it was that long ago we came here for brunch!) before a cards session at Scape :P which made us all feel incredibly decrepit amongst all the punks and chavs.

I really like their eggs benedict. They also do it eggs florentine, or eggs with smoked salmon.

Of all the choices of meats to go with eggs benedict, my favourite is either blackforest ham or prosciutto.

This place is a tad pricey though (maybe $22 for an eggs ben?) and also very small, so you have to come early on the weekends. We weren’t that early but somehow (charlotte) managed to find a seat. We brought liangze’s mum back for lunch on her birthday last December but they don’t serve the brunch menu on weekdays, which was disappointing!

Just around the corner is the rich and good cake shop, which has very truthful adjectives in their name. They sell swiss rolls mainly, at about $7 apop, which is really cheap. I like their durian, green tea, blueberry, coffee, and kaya flavour. In fact I’ll eat almost anything they produce, apart from the mango flavour because I don’t like mangos. I have no idea how they make their swiss roll sponge so amazingly soft; probably lots of ovalette.


Also known as the place with legos in the wall.

Arbite’s poached eggs are kinda rough around the edges, which makes me suspect they don’t drip the excess, watery albumen off with a skimmer before poaching them. Still. I like my poached eggs cleanly round or rough, as long as the yolk is drippy and the whites soft. They are pretty nice, although you can kind of taste the vinegar on the eggs (vinegar is added to the simmering water to hold the egg white together when you lower it into the water)

We also had their soft shell crab maggi mee/aglio olio, which was really nice, well, for glorified maggi mee.

And a dessert I’ve been meaning to make for the longest time but haven’t found the time to perfect a recipe – green tea creme brulee!


Their eggs benedict are not too bad, nice thick hollandaise although I am a bit iffy about where it gets its rich yellow hue. Hollandaise is made of mainly egg yolks and butter, and I’ve never seen one quite this yellow.

Their crepes/galettes are a disgrace. You’d be much better off taking the train one stop to City Hall and going to Entre Nous.

Maison Kayser
I wended my way here during one of my medical leaves at the beginning of this year I think it was, when I was covered in rashes courtesy of the Bras Basah seecond hand bookshops :P

Passable quiche lorraine, I have yet to try the tomato and salmon quiche.

They serve their bread with very nice marmalade and butter.

Although the coffee eclair is quite abysmal.


I wouldn’t mind doing a series on good congees in Singapore too. The cantonese kind which is very thick (opposite of Teochew mueh, however it’s spelt) and with lots of ingredients in it.

Next up: Mothers’ Day dinners :)



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