Eating Out Part IV: Italian

Today’s post will cover Italian food we ate on our food tour while his parents were away

This restaurant is hidden back in a delightful little cove also known as Wessex Estate (pretentious much?) – at Westbourne Ave! I never knew we had a Westbourne Ave here.
The food is really quite good (compared to Laurent Bernard, which occupies the other half of the same complex) on Portsdown Road.

Pizza alla Diavola – one of my favorite pizzas. I think liangze’s favorite is Pizza Margherita with prosciutto, or Pizza ai funghi. Mine is the Devil’s Pizza – with spicy salami/pepperoni and mozzarella and onions. I had this all the time in Budapest, only there they served their spicy pepperoni with cheese, onions and peppers, which was even better (and a steal at 1890Ft~$10)

(The Budapest one)

Pietrasanta has really nice bread too – small little rolls that you dip in a gazpacho type chilled marinara sauce.

Pietrasanta also carries this homemade squid ink ravioli filled with prawn meat in a very light lemon and tomato cream sauce. Amazing. I want to try the rest of their pastas but it’s really the kind of place you can only get to with a car.


We had their gratinated pasta – this was bad. Go for the freshly prepared pastas Vapiano style, or the paella or something. In general I find Marche’s food undersalted and the cream did not coat each fusillo

[aside: here’s a cute New Yorker cartoon for you all:


Pasta Brava
Some not great photos – I usually take 3-4 shots per dish and hope one of them will be clear. But in uploading them onto facebook I only see the thumbnails instead of enlarging each photo to see how clear it is, which results in photos like this:

Which is really blurry on fb. Anyway this was their zuppa amalfitana, a tomato based seafood soup which was really good, much better than my minestrone and with more flavours.

Their homemade stracci (like a pappardelle) with scallops, prawns, and a saffron cream sauce. Very nice although the sauce had too much of a dairy taste.

A scaloppine di vitello with marsala sauce – the waiter had the cheek to ask us “do you know what marsala is?” good grief. It was a thoughtful gesture on his part i guess, he said some customers have ordered that not knowing (probably thought it was the Indian masala) and were disappointed. For real.

The best part of this meal was the panna cotta all’amaretto:

Very strong amaretto flavour in the caramel. Liangze loved it. I can’t quite abide by dry panna cottas – which almost everywhere here carries. A panna cotta is not a panna cotta without the caramel! Btw you can buy a carton of panna cotta cream, heat it in a sauce pan, pour it into cups to set, all instant-ramen-like, Elle&Vie brand at Toque, the culinary store opposite ToTT.

Pasta Fresca
Steer clear of this place!

Expiring prosciutto with precious little burrata – the Saturday lunch special. Yuck. This pizza had too much prosciutto (which tasted of the brining solution it was cured in) and too little burrata.

The lasagna had a bug in it and there was no way to take a good picture of it.

Which resulted in them comping us a tiramisu
– the only decent part of the meal, only it was dressed up like an ice cream sundae. Really???

Don’t darken their doors!!



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