Eating Out Part II – Scallops

Today’s post will be on scallops. Noix de st Jacques, capesante, whatever you choose to call ‘em.

The hits

Scallops at the Naked Finn. Also the most price-y – these were $20 apiece. The plating was great – the scallops were in shell, and balanced on a bed of seasalt on a granite plate. Very fresh too albeit some parts were very slightly over cooked.

Then there were the scallops at the university club (restaurant on the 4th floor), of which bizarrely, I have no photos. Perhaps I forgot to bring the camera that day. It was a special, under the starters – seared scallops with some kind of savoury jam on top made of meat. I don’t know what meat. They have this option for dinner as well, and that one I have a picture of:
served with corn salsa and spaghetti tossed in olive oil and nori.

Then there were these delightful scallops wrapped in yam rings by Jumbo. Much better than the Seafood Paradise one.

Gratinated scallops in a white wine and bechamel sauce from Pasta Brava. I wasn’t expecting the size or the tomatoes. They should have said it was a tomato cream sauce! Still it was very nice, the scallops were huge, you could taste the melted cheese, and this was only $18.


The scallop appetizer at Jones the Grocer at Dempsey were somewhat disappointing. Wrapped in parma ham and then grilled? toasted? totally over cooked and you couldn’t taste the scallop over the ham at all. They were perched on a bed of polenta (tastes like steamed carrot cake, but yellow) with a rather bitter saffron cream sauce.

Definitely don’t order this while you’re here. They have a handful of other decent lunch options though, such as the sandwiches. The word is that the dessert is bad too; I couldn’t find anything that I wanted to order on that day, so we didn’t try any.

Why do people like lamingtons???
Are they not just glorified nyonya kuehs?



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