Eating Out Part I: Upper Thomson Road

My mum actually solved the puzzle!

Liangze’s parents return today, which means no more wanton gallivanting and gluttony that has been burning a hole in our pockets. Not that we were unwilling victims of course. We’ve had way more hits than misses in the past week, and after all, being a foodie is about making sacrifices and learning from your mistakes.

Cotton Bleu along Upper Thomson Road. I wanted to try lots of Thomson eateries since it’s not exactly a place that’s near an MRT (unless you count Marymount), and I am typically too lazy to bus there from my house despite the prevalence of direct buses. So one Monday evening, we headed to Cotton Bleu – I wanted to try Little Provence actually to see for myself how bad the service was and how affordable French food could be, but it is closed on Mondays.

The bill came up to about $80 with truly disappointing desserts. The mains weren’t so bad – check out their scallops en brochette with spaghetti aglio olio:

The boeuf bourguignon was also quite nice, although I’m sure if I tried it myself with the Julia Child recipe it would be much better:

Beef stew is one of the things I do well, and with a good broiler I can roast some really good herb and garlic baby potatoes.

They don’t charge service or GST (is built in to the menu prices), but I would probably not return.

In recompense, there is this excellent little spot slightly off tangent of Thomson Road called the Little Part One Cafe, which has a truly wondrous chicken schnitzel

and excellent short ribs

I only found out about it because one of my MEP friends used to waitress here. Portions are generous and prices are reasonable, and they have a bookshelf with books you can read while waiting for your meal!



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