What to do if your parents are luddites

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Subject: Ikea
From: susan  <email redacted>
To: Ivana <email redacted>
can you tell me how to go to Ikea from Yishun, what is the bus no. and
where to take the feeder service.  need to go there to buy perler
beads for craft work


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Subject: Re: Ikea
From: Thng <email redacted>
To: susan  <email redacted>

When are you going to go?

Here is a fun exercise to increase your computer literacy:

1. Go to maps.google.com

2. Figure out which bus goes there from our house to IKEA.

Hint #1: You will have to type in our address (doesn't have to be very
accurate, can type in 'Yishun MRT' or just 'Blk 723 Yishun St 71'), as well
as 'Ikea Tampines' (don't even need the address) in two different boxes.

Hint #2: There is a big "Get Directions" button.

Google Maps has been very up to date with Singapore's transit services and
contains directions via public transport, car, or even walking between any
two points in Singapore. They give you the timings the bus will arrive and
even how long your journey will take including the walking time. The most
direct route involves boarding a single bus whose digits add up to 12.

After you have completed the exercise, tell me which bus it is and stand to 
win your Mother's Day Present! If you lose I'll just reuse the present for 
Mother's Day next year.


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