The Trials of a Classroom Hamster

Since I don’t have the time to publish anything really interesting I will just point you guys to interesting things other people have written:
This article is hilarious. The national library carries several of his (Simon Rich’s) books so I got liangze to help me take some out yesterday when he went to the Drama Centre in the National Library to watch Edges. I didn’t want to go with him (it was some musical thing haha), so it was just as well I had the GRE to study for (yes, again. Ha!) My grasp of topology is tenuous at best, I can only hope for lots of combinatorics/graph theory questions. Sigh. But I am leaning (only a tiny little bit) towards studying crypto.

Can’t wait for this all to be over so I can start reading again. And having fun after work as opposed to studying! Especially now that we have the car for a bit. Actually I only really started studying this week (so I can’t really complain and also I doubt my results will improve by a whole lot lol) but hey at the end of this I can probably TA most undergrad classes in college.



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