Finally got baptized! on 31/3/13 :D Got a ton of presents – liangze’s mum gave me a grass covered squirrel. She says it’s good for my eyes to look at it cause it’s green. !?? I think his whole family is just random. His cousin gave me alphabet stamps from Kikki.K which is my new favourite stationery shop!

When liangze and I were walking about in it we saw a ton of things that would make a great gift for her. His aunty gave me a Henri Nouwen book,

even though I’m still in the middle of the last one I borrowed from her (as a devotional). His mum also gave me a bouquet of white roses surrounded by many different kinds of purple flowers and finally baby’s breath.

It was beautiful! Mildred gave me a Muji notebook with my name designed on the front cover by her :D


And my brother gave me a screen print of Totoro that he made himself!
It was like having a second birthday, which I suppose is apt seeing how one’s baptism signifies a rebirth into a new, sinless body. If only the sinless part were true. Ha! Considering how materialistic I still am, I’d say not much has changed. But of course not much has – I am the same person, and in fact I was already reborn way back at the point of conversion. Baptism in its first historical records of it took place pretty much right after conversion, and when I mean conversion it really is a change from say a pagan religion to christianity. For 2nd generation christians who have been going to church all our life, baptism seems to be more of an afterthought – what’s the point of a public confession? Everyone already thinks you are a christian. And my own colleagues thought I had already been baptized. I suppose in some ways it means you are getting serious about this. It did feel pretty special (the presence of certain witnesses made it so) – liangze describes it as being married to the church but I prefer to think of it as being adopted by the church. Now I’m officially a member of my church! I get a vote and everything. Although I probably won’t go for a single AGM since I much prefer being thought of as “Bob and Susan’s daughter” as opposed to “Ivana, member in her own right.” :)



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