No Neuhaus

Made some easter eggs last night, only not your regular easter eggs.
I’d bought some stick on tattoos from (they were selling in a shop in The Central), the kind where you just add water, and they turned out really nice on the eggs.


I wrote verses on the back:

These didn’t turn out so well, I need a lot more practice. And also perhaps to design it on paper beforehand to see how much will fit on the egg.

I also bought a variety of markers to draw on them:

Some of you may recognize my paper aeroplanes that I like to put on envelopes, and of course the accompanying verse is Isa. 40:31


This one is for his mum.

Her favourite verse is Jeremiah 10:23, which we both find bizarre.
I managed to get rid of the smudges of ink in the end, but I may do a whole new set since these are so.. unkempt looking. Which means omelettes for breakfast for the next few days. Unfortunately the deviled eggs I’m making for Easter dinner won’t contribute a single eggshell cause they need to be hard boiled :|



We also found some beautiful laser cut boxes in Art Friend to keep the eggs.

Easter is such a pretty time of the year.



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