I refer to this article that Kenji Lopez Alt writes about the ability of McDonald’s burgers to rot.

He claims that most of the evidence out there that burgers do not rot are anecdotal and heavily tinted with a bias against Mcdonald’s burgers, being generally thought of as unhealthy or of low nutrition value. Instead of examining the myriad possible factors that a Mcdonald’s burger left out in the open does not rot, they hastily leap to the convenient conclusion that the burgers are filled with preservatives and poisonous to your well-being.

For the record, I have eaten a moldy Mcdonald’s burger when we were in Cusco, Peru – it was a breakfast sandwich, and there was a big circle of powdery green on the muffin that I only noticed on my third bite (it was on the bottom slice, which nobody ever really thinks to look at. Word to the wise, Flip your burger before consuming, especially for breakfast muffins where both buns are symmetrical and it doesn’t make a difference). The manager promptly swapped it for me but the usual joy taken in eating from Mcdonalds there (in Peru, where there’s almost no edible local food simply because the land seems inhospitable to delicious crops, and I mean delicious. They have no problems growing humongous corn or potatoes but their corn and potatoes taste horrible and would never find a market anywhere else. The only things unaffected by their terrible soil and high altitude are meat (hardly farmed) and eggs, which we wound up eating all the time.) had vanished.

I like Kenji’s attitude toward the whole thing – he doesn’t care less if McDonald’s name is cleared but he does take offence at the manipulation of “science” to support one’s agenda. And all these look!-my-burger-has-not-rot-for-more-than-a-year people sound just like country hicks or fundamentalist christians who continue to argue for creationism.

To quote another excerpt from Player One,

God’s probably been having a big chuckle since eighteen-fifty-whatever, watching humans scramble and bunker and fight and scream over evolution. God made our DNA, thus God made us. What matters is that He got us here, to this point. Or maybe the DNA did it all. Whether you’re a believer or a nonbeliever, it’s a win-win scenario.



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