The best job in the world

I wish I had his job
What I wouldn’t give to think about very real, interesting questions about food, why it’s called what it’s called, and whether the little things you put in make any difference. And to be paid for it! Amazing doesn’t even begin to describe it. I have always wondered why vodka sauce was called vodka sauce when I couldn’t really taste it. It’s really subtle, and I guess it’s different from other tomato based sauces. Of course, unless you are buying a packet of microwaveable frozen pasta. I’ve never made penne alla vodka before, never having been in possession of a bottle of absolut. He also has a really authentic looking recipe for tonkotsu broth that looks too complicated to try. And the last article I read by him was about producing the perfect ajitsuke tamago, down to the components of soy and mirin in the marinade.

My parents are gallivanting in Turkey right now and I had to clear some of the vegetables in the fridge last night, together with my beddar with cheddar, which for some bizarre reason, my mum put in the freezer. I have a theory that Asian parents like to put everything in the freezer. For the my readers in the US who have not eaten this before, you MUST definitely try Johnsonville’s Beddar with Cheddar.

I believe we found it for $1.94 in Target once in DC. It’s a hefty $10 in Singapore. It’s easy to prepare- just fry, with whatever breakfast fixings you want – scrambled eggs, portabellas, tomatoes, etc.
To clear the mushrooms, yellow bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, and beddar with cheddar in the fridge, we made kebabs! No photos because I left the camera at liangze’s house. I brushed the kebabs with a little bowl of melted herb butter that I made over the weekend with the herbs in my balcony. The mushrooms got a bit of teriyaki marinade. The cheese in the beddar with cheddar melted and flavoured the tomatos and yellow bell peppers. Everything was broiled in the turbo broiler, which made the sausage skin a tad overdone, but everything else was perfect.

I may consider cooking the kebabs in the happy chef next time before giving it a char in the turbo broiler. We ate it on white jasmine rice which is a bit bizarre but necessary because LZ had also prepared a Japanese crab soup from a packet (I am usually in an experimental mood at the supermarket, especially at supermarkets with foreign sections) and it is my opinion that all oriental consommé type soups should be consumed with white rice. It was one of the more delicious meals I had in recent history.

We bought the beddar with cheddar recently with our survey $$ (the one on cloud computing I told you guys about long ago) cause the vouchers expire by the end of March. I originally bought the sausages to fry up English breakfasts one night for dinner when my mum was too tired to cook, cause it’s fast and easy. That was one of the breakfasts I usually prepared in Ithaca when I was living on Stewart avenue since my classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays only began in the afternoon. Next recipe to try with the beddar with cheddar: Toad in the hole! I’ve never made yorkshire pudding before but I really like it, especially with a hearty gravy. Perhaps after thie weekend (the Easter dinner) I will have plenty of leftovers that will go with yorkshire pudding.



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