the best part I like about working in the Science park is all the exotic birds you get to see.

Just the other day I spotted two racket tailed drongos while walking back,

and yesterday I think it was I spotted a pink necked green pigeon.

The racket of bird calls now that the rain has stopped is like you wouldn’t believe. And so is the variety of birds one can spot commonly in Singapore.

In the rainy months of September and October, the leaves fall from the trees like snow. Little yellow discs that follow a dizzying path, covering the roads and the footpaths. It is a little bit too romantic for engineers, who have little time (or inclination) for introspection. Most hop on the bus to work in the morning, and return home in the evenings to play their computer games. A new kind of dystopia, where you are alive, but not really living at all. The next day they awake and resume the regular routine, talking about the same video games over lunch and what battles their characters have fought. It reduces the starkness of the lack of impact of their lives on anyone – who will care if you live or die? I mean really; people will definitely grieve for you just by virtue of your being dead, but whose life is really going to be different when you’re not around? When you’ve been going solo, building meaningless acquaintances, and talking about futile things?



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