5th MC

Terribly sick again. This is the 5th MC of the year! I have officially taken more than a third of the MCs allotted to me, which is tragic and slacker-y sounding. I stayed over at his Aunty’s house in PGP on wednesday night cause we were having dinner with some PRC friends – wenbin, one of his female friends, and one of mf’s female friends. They were very lovely company (why do people here have a thing against PRCs? They are delightful. Funny and clever to boot.) I had a splitting headache the whole time though and couldn’t enjoy it as much as I would have liked to. Still, it is a real bliss when two math geniuses such as LZ and wenbin are slaving away in the kitchen, chopping vegetables and marinating fish for your dinner. When you just think of the countless other more worthy things they could be solving/proving with their mental energy and their time, but instead they choose to make dinner for you – one has got to feel very fortunate. Wenbin’s steamed snapper was excellent, btw, as was his dessert of microwaved taro with gingko nuts in coconut milk and brown sugar – so simple! And just a whizz in the microwave. I’m not sure if the headache was from the heat, or the crowd, or the noise, or the fact that the food that I contributed (mapotofu with too little sauce) was too salty, but I woke up with a horrible blocked nose and uncontrollable sneezing – allergies acting up again! So I visited the doctor in Holland V cause there’s a branch of Silver Cross there, which I know is covered under my health plan. He was very nice, looked up my nose with a scope and said my sinuses were infected and prescribed a nasal spray, after I told him this business has been going on and off for about 2 months now, even my bosses are likely to not take me seriously when I say I’m sick. He says alternating between different brands of antihistamines will help to prevent my body from developing a resistance to any particular brand – I suppose it’s the same as alternating between all the pairs of shoes that you have so that you don’t wear any of them out, or alternating between all the nailclippers you use (for lz’s dad lol).

Anyway i popped off to Raffles City after the doctor’s visit for lunch at Osaka Osho and to the esplanade library to pick up some DVDs I wanted to watch while in convalescence – Serious Eats published their 12 favourite movies about food. I’m very interested in Babette’s Feast, and watched Julie and Julia last night. Meryl Streep was amazing as usual.

Am puzzled as to why Spanglish didn’t make the list, I suppose it has other more serious issues outlined in the plot instead of just food, unlike Julie and Julia.

I still had most of my taste faculties yesterday and could taste the wok hei of the pepper fried steak at Osaka Osho (part of the daily lunch special) but it’s all gone today. We went to Ghim Moh for lunch, which undoubtedly was great but I couldn’t taste a thing. I can tell between salty and spicy and bitter but nothing beyond that. The duck I was eating could have been chicken, or pork, for all I knew. While my tastebuds were still intact ytd I tried one of the Tiong Bahru Bakery’s pastries, and settled upon the Kouign Amann, looking the most like those coeurs du france I really miss from Aperto at the Gare du Cornavin.

The TBB’s Kouign Amann is strawberry flavoured, and very delicious – I wanted the “original” flavour, so as to taste the wonderful caramelization that occurs with melted butter and sugar, but they only had strawberry and the waitresses there endorsed it very heartily so I bought one. It’s only 3.90! Go try it. Their croissants look a little off though I am not opposed to trying those too.

Went home after the little excursion, watched two movies and made two little terrariums while watching – my fittonia is not propagating itself :S I hope it will reproduce until I have enough plants to go around all the jars I bought! Hope to keep at least one terrarium at work. I have three so far, and we will be making more on Saturday while watching the rest of the DVDs I brought back (if energy permits). Spent the rest of the day alternating between wooziness and eating – being sick makes me really hungry. The quality of food at home was not up to par sadly but I was too drowsy to go out and forage and had to make do. I hate those two words. “Making do”. Especially in conjunction with food. Yikes. Really drowsy at work today, especially during the meeting at I2R in the morning during which I didn’t contribute at all even though the whole thing is technically my project :S Good thing one person on their team is my friend, who will haul me out of tough spots if necessary. Am so sleeepy I can’t believe the medication from last night is not wearing offff

Upside to today: The kinder bueno one of the elders at work gave me for helping him get his cygwin/algorithm to run. Lol. Two packs of kinder bueno! I love kinder bueno. I guess people of all ages do. The biggest problem I find working in a defence company is the use of multiple computers – one encrypted CPU that is not connected to the internet, but on which you are expected to do the same type of work as on your internet PC. Problem? Many of the programs out there for math related work (cygwin, MiKTeX) download packages on the fly and instant updates. Don’t even dream about installing anything while offline, unless you find the offline installation which contains the entire package repository. The offline version is of course not the first thing developers think to put on the homepage/download page of their websites – after all, who doesn’t have internet nowadays? Further, if you didn’t have access to the internet, it’s highly unlikely that you’d be looking for the kind of programs they develop, which are definitely not designed for ark-residing luddites.



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