Today is such a cornell-y day. We went to IHPC to do a survey in exchange for a $20 Cold Storage voucher (each) and then to the Soup Spoon to have a soup and half sandwich, just like in the Big Red Barn.
In case you are wondering what $20 at Cold Storage can buy (for recent grads like us who don’t do much grocery shopping), here’s a concise list
1. Robitussin (we’ve been getting sick here and there lately, probably from scarfing all those CNY cookies for two weeks straight)
2. A box of paddle pop
3. Two pints of Haagen Dazs ice cream
4. Cherry tomatoes
5. Yoghurt or Heavy cream for creme brulee
6. Chinese vegetables (We’re cooking at PGP on wednesday)
7. A fondue pot (with skewers)
8. An aromatherapy diffuser
9. Disposable cutlery/crockery (for office use)
10. Nivea roll-on deodorant
11. Scallops for coquilles de St. Jacques
12. More $5 mini recipe books
13. Mozzarella/Parmesan cheese, which are really expensive

I haven’t made money from surveys in a long time. This one was on cloud computing and your performance on the survey (in terms of investing $ by choosing which product to buy/would result in the highest returns) would determine how much additional $ in Cold storage vouchers you would get. The vouchers expire at the end of March, so we have to use them soon. I don’t think I fared particularly well in this experiment, due to my inexperience at business dealings and aversion to risk-taking (i.e. I don’t think I made particularly high returns, which directly correlate with how much extra $ one gets). I’ll post the results when we hear from the PI.

I met one of LZ’s colleagues at the computer lab where the survey was conducted, and felt not a little bit embarrassed about trekking all the way out to fusionopolis just to do a survey for $20 Cold Storage vouchers. But if you think about it, earning the $20 which will let me buy things I really need/want will far outweigh the bus/MRT fare to FP.



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