These were roaming wild in the South East Asian collection. Very colourful, and they look too tubby to fly but a lot of them were nesting in the trees! No idea what birds they are but I love their feathers.

Some sort of finch? It’s really difficult to focus in the Bird Park with all these bars. Had to manual focus most of the time. Still, have to appreciate this little critter’s help in coming closer to the cage bars so my autofocus could capture him.

He’s got a really cheeky glint in his eye that makes him look just like a jackdaw. Or perhaps he is a jackdaw after awhile i stopped paying attention to the birds’ names on the signboards.

Very beautiful beak. I want a pet toucan! Birds in the tropics are so much more interesting than birds in temperate regions. Of course you do get to spot more exotic birds in suburban areas at cornell etc. than in singapore, but I suspect that’s only cause I haven’t really opened my eyes here and the foliage is too dense to make out a lot of things.

Apart from birds with big beaks, I like birds that stay really still.

Never seen such electric blue feathers on a bird!

This one looked like a peahen, but had these really gorgeous emerald spots on her back.

And here’s an actual peahen.

More food please! They were really squabbly

but had really beautiful feathers! A bit like someone couldn’t colour within the lines. They’d be spotted instantly in the forest. Perhaps Lories weren’t made for living. While Liangze fed them one of them scratched him!



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