Valentine’s Day

The first year, we watched the really bad American version of Love Actually, called “Valentine’s Day”. It had a pretty star studded cast, including Topher Grace (who I had a crush on after watching That 70’s show), so I was pretty stoked to watch it, only to have it fall flat on its face. After that we saw Soiree Cabaret, which was a student production at the Schwartz (one of his AG friends was performing as part of her theatre class), which was interesting but a bit whiny and filled with Too Much Information about other people’s lives.

On the actual day itself, we went to the Community Center in the commons to see a chamber jazz concert put up by Music’s Recreation. One of the pianists from Chorale was playing (Bill Crowley?) a hunched little man who had terrible posture while playing the piano. The musicians there were all amateurs, but it was fun all the same. Valentine’s day was on a Sunday, 3 years ago.

One year later, I spent my Valentine’s Day doing MCM. He brought me a huge bouquet of flowers to 909, where I was living temporarily in Tiffy’s room in Charmaine’s bed where day ran into night and night into day. We submitted the paper that very afternoon, to great dissatisfaction, and had a very nice Valentine’s day dinner with hr at Kilpatricks in a booth at the back! I felt like I was on a train.

Last year, somehow nobody was using the car, so we had dinner at John Thomas. This I don’t remember very clearly, except that I had the scallops in some kind of bacon glaze which was much too sweet. And the scallops were overdone. He had the filet mignon or something beef related lol. I’m not a huge fan of beef so the John Thomas steakhouse is somewhat wasted on me. What I really like there however is their lobster bisque, to which they usually add a generous dose of sherry.

Somehow you see a less and less eventful trend.

This year, he gave me an ipad! Our tablet died months ago, so we went to Challenger to pick out a new one. After looking at all the specs and sizes (there are quite a lot of china brand 7″ tablets going for <$150) and the Samsung galaxies and the Asus padphone? is that what it's called? where the tablet has a dock for a smart phone, you insert the smart phone and the phone's screen is displayed, enlarged by 400% on the tablet, I settled on an ipad mini. It was the only tablet there that was 7.9" which is perfect, roughly kindle size and kindle weight, which I like. Our original tablet could not fit into some of my handbags nicely, but this one surely will. I may get my grandma to alter some of my previous tablet cases for this one, she's the only one in our family any good at sewing. And I got it with a pink smart cover! The one that attaches magnetically to the ipad and folds in thirds. It's not very apparent but I actually really like the color pink. Not to the extent that all my things are pink, I have great respect for many other colours. It just so happens that the rest of the ipad mini smart covers came in horrid colours, like bright red, neon green, white, black… so I got it in pink. It's cute.

Anyway we had our anniversary dinner at Tung Lok, in which I discover that I prefer the western way of doing lobsters (either steamed with drawn butter, or thermidor) much better than any chinese way (salted egg yolk, poached with fruits…). They have really good salt baked chicken though, and tonight we are going back to vivo to shop somemore at franc franc and hopefully get a spot at Max Brenner's. I've been in a chocolatey sort of mood, but I hardly ever receive chocolatey sort of gifts cause it's way too typical. Our presents for each other this year came in the form of really beautiful japanese crockery (in other words we were too lazy to find something special for each other and decided unanimously instead to sink our money into something I really want)- tea cups and shigaraki porcelain plates and olive rice bowls and Victorian bevelled dessert plates etc. etc. Maybe I'll do a separate post about my recent (cheap) crockery obsession and the crazy amount of crockery I have purchased in the past year that is now sequestered away in my room away from prying eyes and thieving hands that have already broken one of my Hungarian tea cups.



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