Lawry’s the prime rib

We went last Monday afternoon on a half day leave, simultaneously bringing my keyboard home from work. The original plan was to go to Pamplemousse, which has a set lunch deal for $32++ and I was really interested in their bandung flavoured panna cotta. It was not to be however, since we found out that Pamplemousse was closed on Mondays :S

Anyway, Lawry’s currently has this discount where if you download their app for your smartphone, you get 1 for 1 mains during weekday lunches (we saved $70)

The food they serve is somewhat like a Sunday roast (that you get all over the UK), but better than most of the sunday roasts I’ve tried. The meat is very tender and marinated thoroughly. And it comes with a humongous Yorkshire pudding! LZ had never had yorkshire pudding before then. They fried it in a huge skillet and the sides rose pretty high and was perfect with the gravy.

This was a california cut – which is the second smallest cut – you can see how thin it is. They euphemized the smallest cut as the “singapore cut”, which is much thinner and almost like an appetizer. I don’t know if the reference to the country is in relation to how much singaporeans eat or how stingy they are with their money :P because I don’t think singaporeans eat that little.

I got two atlantic lobster tails which were broiled and over done. The whole place reminded us a bit of John Thomas (if we are talking about atlantic lobsters I guess you mean like Boston lobsters or Maine lobsters – these were more like the size of Boston lobsters) and the lobster was overcooked, just like in John Thomas. I guess they don’t want you to have to go through the trouble of deshelling it, which I wouldn’t have minded. Crustacean shells are one of the great feats of engineering in nature, benefitting both the prey as well as the predator- The prawns or clams or lobsters are protected from an untimely death in the sea while the human lobster lovers can enjoy perfectly cooked seafood when they are boiled/steamed/fried with the shell on. I find many western places who try to make things easier (to consume) for their custom have really failed to exploit this genius of engineering. Perhaps someone should invent a sort of container made out of crab shell for boiling deshelled seafood in – kind of like those silicone egg cups for poaching eggs (the cheating way) by preventing direct contact with boiling water.

One of their “highlights” was their spinning bowl salad. I don’t really get why. I think a big part of the Lawry’s service are these “performances”, like a waitress with a pretty french hat twirling the salad bowl over a larger bowl of ice, and we’re expected to watch. My philosophy for restaurants is that the waitstaff should be practically invisible, not make a big fanfare over spinning a salad. You can do it much more efficiently now with salad spinners where you pull a string from the top of the container that spins the inner colander, why the need for a human to do this? I guess mine’s a very engineering-y way of looking at it. I don’t particularly enjoying watching other people do servile things for me, things that I can do myself. See a hibachi chef is well worth watching, because I definitely can’t make the volcano out of vegetables nor chop things in the air without cutting myself. But a salad spinner? She literally just stood there spinning the bowl with one hand and pouring the sauce like teh tarik with the other. It’s not even like necessary to pour the dressing from a height- it is already cold!

Yea I guess it is pretty obvious I have little patience for ostentation.

This was pretty good, tasted almost exactly like mine, which means lots of people must be using Alton Brown’s recipe. Only their sugar crust did not give a satisfying (enough) crack, like they melted too little sugar, and it looked like castor sugar, not vanilla sugar. Very pretty though, plated on the doily with a mixed berry compote and mint.

All in all, I really enjoyed the roast but that was pretty much about it. It wasn’t that cheap either, about $65 per person? Despite having the 1 for 1 offer. And they neglected to tell us that DBS cards get 10% off for a la carte items not on promotion. Well now you know.



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