We went to Kilo last night for dinner. The whole place was filled with hippies! People with really weird haircuts, guys wearing shorts (like a whole table full of them), I wonder if it is advertised as a gay friendly bar (like Clique). Or I wonder if gay friendly places are unspokenly gay friendly. I guess I’m definitely not clued in on the gay network so I wouldn’t know. I also didn’t know it was a trend to wear shorts in public – doesn’t it just look like you’re in your underwear? Weird.

The food was worse than I remembered, perhaps because I don’t like raw fish. Not in sashimi, poke, ceviche. So we ordered a side of

fried quail’s eggs and chicken skin to go with

a sushi roll (containing prawn tempura, avocado, cream cheese, shredded carrots) and a

pho. I think the pho at Saigon Kitchen in Ithaca is better – but then Kilo’s thing is fusion food, not really authentic Vietnamese. They’ve also got banh mi, which we haven’t tried. Banh mi makes me think of noodles, when it’s actually a sandwich.

LZ’s parents are going off to the UK/Europe in April on a vacation/to see their goddaughter. On the one hand I wish I could go with them and take them around instead of them booking an exorbitant tour package that is activity filled and tiring, on the other hand we’ll get to use the car for three weeks if we stay! It’s going to be gastronomic.



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