First MC of the year!

One down, 13 to go. The doctor gave me 4 different types of meds. One effervescent one (like the Robitussin dissolvable Vit C), pills for my runny nose, lozenges for my sore throat (it’s not really sore just ticklish), and these little blue pills

as a supplement. I wonder if it’s a subliminal message that I see him too much. The last time I went to him was last month with the same runny nose. May have caught certain things at the hospital since we spent a lot of time there this weekend. LZ’s mum gave us a scare because she went off her post-op anti-seizure medicine after 4 mths (the full course is 2 years, so you can see her point) but now we’ve packed her safely home. Made them turkey congee for dinner last night (she usually cooks sunday dinner), my mum’s style with an ungodly amount of garlic, shallots, ginger, and dan cai fried in oil before being added to the rice and stock.

Today I made two loaves of banana bread with the rest of the walnuts I koped from LZ’s dad’s christmas stash and will distribute them accordingly later. It’s hard to buy super ripe bananas, and I never plan what I’m going to bake enough in advance for my bananas to ripen themselves.

After the doctor’s visit I made a grocery run- flowers to revive the flower arrangement in my room (now it’s carnations with limonium as the filler and my hazel branches reused), bananas for the banana walnut bread, and a pack of pitas half off because they expire tomorrow. :D The pitas will be made into Rose’s garlic pita chips (that I helped her prepare) when she had us, Clovis, and Fanny over to their place at Gerle Utca in Velence for spaghetti bolognese.

So we had the most fabulous bolognese on saturday when Fabio (and mingsee) cracked open the wedding gift I picked out for them (a pyrex lasagna tray)(not at all fishing for a lunch invitation) and made this amazing lasagna.

I think the key is to make a very fine mirepoix (CPC ’12 final answer) or soffrito in italian and simmer it with the minced pork and beef for as long as you can. They did it for 1 hr on saturday, but apparently in the south of italy the people there simmer it for 5 hours (until you can use it to paint the walls, according to Fabio). I think my mum’s lasagna is pretty good, and his is as good but definitely more authentic. My mum doesn’t really simmer her ragu (it’s not really a bolognese) for long, just more like a stir fry, and she only uses beef, not pork, and she omits the celery. Anyway she hasn’t made it in ages (although hers is the best lasagna I’ve ever had) because my brother is lactose intolerant.

He also made this wonderful strawberry dessert with chopped strawberries, white wine, a squeeze of lemon, and sugar. So simple, the hardest part is chopping the strawberries he says. Shall try it some day.

I wish Liangze were italian.

But I am good at wedding presents. More of you should get married.

Fabio wants to come over play ping pong sometime since I have a ping pong table. He says in Italy, if someone is good at tennis table (lol), they say “you play like a chinese!” I guess if you translate table tennis into tennistavolo (the colloquial form of tennis da tavolo) in italian you can see why he calls it “tennis table”.



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