Airport food that’s actually good

Inspired by the latest Serious eats slide show (I get their weekly newsletter) I shall post three of my own favourites as far as airport food goes:
1. 4D at the Jorge Chavez International Airport in Lima
Partly because we had had crappy food all through the trip, horrible potatoes, horrible cream cakes with too much margarine, this was a very welcome find. It sold italian food mainly, and had really amazing paninis (we even packed one to eat on the plane since our layover in Miami didn’t promise much in the way of sustenance either)

Some kind of chicken cutlet in a mushroom cream sauce. Sounds typical for any western food stall in a coffee shop here but after all the food from guinea pig to alpaca we’d been through on this trip, trust me, chicken cutlet is going to taste practically gourmet.

They also carried a facsimile of tartufo

which was a good try. Haha. But I’d stick to the paninis.

2. One of the restaurants we share in common with the Serious Eats guide is Legal Seafood at Logan Intl airport.

We had some truly amazing scallops there. Their seaweed salad with sesame dressing is also not bad since I don’t normally eat seaweed salad but I ate that.

Look at how they’re caramelized to perfection!

The fish and chips were much less underwhelming but not terrible. Better than any fish fry within 30 miles of Ithaca.

And I’m not quite sure what possessed us to get a Boston cream pie. (Cack-headed impulses that inevitably and insensibly get acted upon when you’re a tourist) Steer clear of it if you’re Singaporean. Waaay too “jelat”. Steer clear of it if you’re american cause this will definitely raise your obesity index. In fact, just steer clear of it. The only tolerable boston cream anything is Dunkin Donuts’ boston cremes. But even then the custard in the donut looks astonishingly similar to phlegm.

3. Wetherspoon at Heathrow Terminal ?
I love Wetherspoon in general, and although the prices at the Heathrow one are a bit steeper than normal the food is fantastic. The dessert I always get at a Wetherspoon is their fudge cake

It’s a triple chocolate fudge that they microwave into pure bliss. Three layers of sponge, one layer of chocolate fudge, one layer of white chocolate fudge, and the whole thing is drowned in ganache. Can’t say no to that.
Back in June last year? The year before? They were having a mozzarella haddock crab cake special

It was amazing.

Their asian styled pastas are also not bad. I don’t quite remember if this was a lo-mein or a spaghetti, but either way I’m not complaining.

The queen and mangosteen have got a long way to go. British pubs here don’t seem to understand that to be a pub, it needs a certain level of grunginess, in a hip way. Not waiters, certainly not clean tablecloths you’re a pub, for crying out loud. Where are people supposed to spill their Famous Grouse?! Where are the bottles of malted vinegar and the ketchup tray with ten different types of condiments from mayonnaise to worcestershire sauce to HP to salad cream?



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