Pet peeve: walking behind short legged people in MRT stations. Especially in the transit between Bishan, NS line to Bishan, Circle line. What is with all these midgets? Shouldn’t they at least compensate for the length of their legs by walking faster, like, you know, how quickly hamsters run on the wheel?

Today I also discovered that my pet name for liangze is ‘stupid’. We always tell people we don’t call each other by our first name. It’s awkward. Then they ask what name we use with each other and I never know what to say cause I don’t recall any particular name I use. He’s usually just there. I never call him ‘liangze’ unless I’m telling someone else about something stupid he did. Like now. Here’s a sample of our conversation this morning:
Me: you know NYSE closed
LZ: haha what is NYSE?
stock exchange?
means what?
isn’t that like the center of the financial world?
Me: ya
they decided they wanted the day off
LZ: huh! is tmr labour day or something?
Me: cause of hurricane sandy lah
LZ: orh
you make fun of me!
Me: you very fun to make fun of what
that’s why it’s called
“making fun”
LZ: uhghghghghg
Me: i think that’s the name i call you most often!
like if i call you liangze it’s very weird
but if i call you stupid
you’ll turn around and say
“har what?”
LZ: neverrrrr
Me: i bet people won’t believe me
that that’s your pet name
LZ: haha
they will think you’re very bad!
and then they will pity me
and tell me i’m not stupid
Me: hahaha
that’s cause all your friends are stupid too
you should write a sequel
“All my friends are stupid” (in reference to the popular book sold in Urban Outfitters, “All my friends are dead”).
He really has a lot of stupid friends, to be politically incorrect. If you want to know about them you can ask me out and I’ll tell you. Posting about them here is too hazardous haha. I will be lynched. But I gave him lots of colourful examples of people he can feature in his book.



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