This was one part of many things leading up to my current sore throat. Although I think the main thing that caused it was the cake I baked. But more on that in another post.

I took him to Enoteca L’Operetta on Monday for a birthday dinner (one of many) because he’s recently been craving really good pizza. And this place has its pizza verified by the Real Pizza agency in Italy (I don’t know what the agency’s real name is) so it can truthfully call their pizzas Vera Pizza Napolitana. It was pretty good!

We got the margherita con funghi. Fresh basil, fresh mozzarella, fresh mushrooms. The crust was really thin and chewy, baked for 90 seconds in their wood fired oven. The tomato sauce base was also pretty perfect. I don’t think the pizzas here are pricey either, this one was $22 or $18 or something like that (which was the same price as many of our starters). I think we’ll definitely be back for more. I want to try their risotto.

We started with some focaccia dipped in olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I still prefer the dipping pesto at Zaza’s Cucina. we’ve recently been growing basil plants in our balcony and there are hordes and hordes of leaves just waiting to be picked, that my mum has taken to adding them to everything, which I don’t like. It’s not like the basil is going to stop growing! I might harvest all of them someday and blend it up with some salt, pepper, grana padano, pine nuts, and really good olive oil, see if I can’t replicate Zaza’s pesto. Anyway their focaccia was definitely a lot better than mine. I haven’t really mastered focaccia baking, but my brioche is pretty good.

Their mushroom veloute also hit the spot. We can safely say it’s the best mushroom soup we’ve ever had. Heads and shoulders better than the Relish one.

The oven baked Hokkaido scallop is one of their signature appetizers. I liked it, but I thought the sauce could be better/have more umami. Like Kyushu’s Dynamite. Perhaps I am just missing Ithaca.

The asparagus crespelle was really good. Almost compares to the Diana’s asparagi di Bismarck in Bologna (see below). The main difference is that this is wrapped in a crepe, so you get to taste the burntness of the crepe, and it is filled with ricotta. The Bismarck has crunchy bits of parmigiano and also freshly shaved parmigiano. The egg is sunny side up, so only the yolk flows over the asparagus, whereas this is an egg sauce, with both yolk and white.

Asparagi di Bismarck (wow my white balance was really terrible in the past!)

Mussels in a white wine sauce. Could have used more wine. I’m not a fan of fishiness like in roe or bottarga or oysters. So, a no for me. But the mussels really were very soft. Perhaps even a tad undercooked.

One of my favourites, the veal stuffed agnolotti. I ordered in Italian, since I can, and since they seemed to have hired fake Italian waiters and I wanted to know if they were trained. Also, the menu is in Italian, with english descriptions, and it is too much effort to order in English. If you write the titles of your dishes in Italian, you should be prepared to accept orders in Italian. Obviously. Otherwise you’re just being pretentious and wasting everybody’s time. So I ordered the agnolotti, And for those who know italian, the ‘gn’ is a guttural g, which turns it into the ‘ny’ in Hungarian or the ‘ñ’ in Spanish. Not quite the same, but similar to that. The waiter thought I was ordering the Aglio olio. Sigh. The dish was pretty good though. Best sage and brown butter sauce I’ve ever had. That guy shld really go study the menu more.

The tiramisu looked just like the one in the Teresina in Bologna (compare to below), but was much worse. I don’t mean to say it was bad, per se. Just the zabaglione could have been much richer. If you have to buy tiramisu in Singapore though, I recommend the one at gastronomia more. Costs less and you get greater quantity AND quality.

We only had the one dessert, cause I was stuffed by then. And a tiny little macchiato.
Now my throat feels like someone stuck a toothpick through it. Ack.
Oh I went to the doctor and am on MC today! Being on MC is really fun. I baked a green tea/chocolate bundt (which didn’t fail) and also am going to go paint liangze’s door now.




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