been really busy the past week living at Prince George’s Park! It’s about 15 mins (walking) away from work so I can cook literally every day! And then binge on korean dramas, which is really bad because I really need to start studying for the GRE. and to produce something semi-useful at work. The coding for A5/2 is done, but I haven’t really done anything to convert my output keystream into a system of eqns for processing via the characteristic set method. I think a good idea is to just jump into writing the report and then kind of cobble together some results on the way. Feels strange, like I’m doing an MCM by myself. But at least I have 3 months to do this, instead of 4 days.

On the Real Escape Game.

(background: some people in my lab decided to take part in this puzzle challenge on saturday called the Real Escape Game designed by some Japanese dudes. Entry was $30 per person and it was held at St. James Power Station (first and last time I’d been in there and even though there was no stench of cigarettes there were some sticky surfaces and I made sure to sterilize my hands after I got out of there). Basically you had 1 hour to solve puzzles to solve a metapuzzle and to “escape” from… whatever artificial cage that was constructed)

We didn’t win. I think I should also not fixate on winning things. But after all what person takes part in a contest to lose? (c.f. Nodame) I’m quite ill-behaved in the sense that I want to win er.. by having the best people around me in my team. I hate bottlenecks. Like even if you were my bestfriend (ming see) i would never in a million years let her on the team lol. anw if you were my best friend you’d be too cool to hanker to take part in something you’re not interested in anyway. And you’d have enough self-awareness of your abilities and some shame to not take part so as not to pull whatever team you join down. Ah, there I go being mean and bottom line-y again. Anyway it was a terrible facsimile of CPC and I don’t think it was really worth the money. Definitely if I had the trusty CPC team around me we would make short work out of it. The entire Real Escape Game is the sort of thing that comprises one of the mini puzzles that solves the metapuzzle in CPC. I remember spending literally more than an hour on the Browncoats puzzle two years back.

On his dad’s birthday.
the original restaurant we were heading for (53, incidentally the age he is leaving behind) had closed so we settled for the bistro that was in its place. Awesome french food. I still miss the fondue in Geneva though. All the white wine in the cheese and the dipping bread. We tried two different rillettes, which were eye opening for me, since I generally steer clear of duck, much less smoked duck. this one was delicious though, and I enjoyed everything on the table. It was a funny sort of day, where I tried eating things I’d never tried before and was weird and adventurous in a sort of hazy utopia. It wasn’t as though I’d slept late the night before and was thus woozy on saturday, in fact I slept at 4am on Saturday because I was finishing the last 4 episodes of Worlds Within (a drama that got pretty poor ratings but is not that bad artistically apart from the really annoying/whiny female lead) so was woozy during church. Thankfully after the dairy and beef overdose we wound the meal up with a cappuccino so I was caffeinated for REG which followed lunch. I was going to bake his dad a peanutty sort of cake, but having moved out to PGP for 2 weeks while my house’s toilets are under renovation, i have no baking equipment. There IS an oven here, which I have used to make shepherd’s pie already, but cakes require lots more than an oven, at least the kind I bake. At least all the typical icing tips/tube, a cake turner, and those flat type spatulas, I have no idea what they are called.

liangze got a smartphone (sony xperia?) which I was using to play scramble with his friends. I am getting a thrashing from one of his primary school friends, who literally leaves me in the dust. It’s really demoralizing, but a good reality check as well. Time to improve!

Also , I really need to STOP watching hyunbin’s complete filmography T-T I wonder if I could literally put real life on hold for years and years before I finally outgrow this addiction. I wonder what he’s like in real life. I think he’s a little shy, but also a little wary of people now that he is popular. He’s grounded, because he doesn’t understand why everyone’s making such a fuss about him and how handsome he is and how he’s so noble to be going to the army, something that is compulsory for all korean males but no one’s making a big deal out of anyone else going to the army etc., but he’s also very much aware of the reality of his stampeding, foolish, fans, most of whom should be sectioned. After all, someone who lives in the drama dream world, unable to come to terms with its artifice mustn’t have all her ducks in a row. I certainly don’t. But this self-awareness also keeps me one check-box away from being diagnosed with complete lunacy.

I’ve also always wondered what a non-bimbotic, bookish type fan would be like. I would never scream his name, or some cheap declaration like “sarangne!” waving flowers and balloons and all that nonsense. Surely there are more intelligent ways of showing your admiration. Probably I’d be something like Amy. Socially awkward but with a certain degree of pride and belief in her self-worth. I don’t want to be a fan, one of many faceless girls shouting the same things, probably considered as a single mass to the people they idolize. A huge great school of lemmings. How to be better than that?



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