Rocky Master

Sigh. This post isn’t about him, really. And how awesome he looks in Cosmo. I can just die already.

Anyway I finally managed to drag myself away from korean drama nirvana to go to brunch today (we’ve missed the last two weeks because of his poker trip and general laziness/korean drama timewarp). Today’s location was Rocky Master, (I still haven’t covered Maison Ikkoku and more from North South Cuisine) which has western type food.

This was thoroughly unimpressive, from the chipolatas to the roasted tomato. I don’t think they’re acquainted with the concept of herbs. They also called this an american breakfast, although i’ve never seen bacon like that in america. And they don’t have mushrooms for breakfast, fools.

The lasagna was alright, but I detected a hint of ricotta. yech. Plus I can make it better. I got a cup of iced chocolate with it though which was heavenly.

This was hq’s, so I didn’t try it. they have these really mini thin crust pizzas and he said he approves.

No. Just no. Actually just by looking at the choux pastry one can tell it’s too stiff, but we manned up and ate it anyway just to see. The coffee cream filling was not bad, I think I’ll try my hand at coffee eclairs soon since we can hardly find them over here. The ones that look suspiciously like coffee eclairs in delifrance are actually caramel eclairs. Gross.

Would I go back? Just for the iced chocolate. And perhaps to try their other pasta dishes?

Time to return to My Lovely Sam Soon. She really is adorable. And her english is much better than hyun bin’s. I think girls are much better at language assimilation than guys. Ah I have a real problem pacing myself wrt k-dramas. Will probably finish watching the entire thing by tomorrow. Ack. I have tons to do, like scrap booking and letter writing and editing that damn tex file for ed, which hovers over me like a cloud of guilt. And we were gonna scrapbook today and bake that chocolate-matcha bundt since my mum got a bundt pan. Then we decided to watch one tiny little episode, and boom! It’s 11:30pm.



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