It is true what they say – people in love are really boring. After I’ve spent weeks doing nothing but talking about hyun bin (to liangze hahaha. pls refer to the chinese subtext above) he must be really tired of me.

we went to see arnaldo cohen play with the SSO tonight. after watching hyun bin’s Manchu the night before till 1am (it’s a pretty good movie, from what i’ve seen. of course before that i’d just been ingesting trash from the esplanade library) i fell asleep in the middle of the Wagner and occasionally in the beethoven. so lz and I refer to him as the “chee-ko pianist” which i know is not very nice but it’s the truth cause he looks like one. I first saw him at the piano festival (he was not bad then) and then tonight. Didn’t really like the beethoven (the Emperor), I mean the piece itself was not bad, especially the 2nd mvt and some bits in the 1st, but the orchestra didn’t really gel totally with him and he had little trips here and there which I don’t abide by if I’m gonna pay to watch you. The hall was pretty packed though, which surprised me, for a thursday night. I didn’t think he had a wide fan base. Maybe the audience was mainly bored ang mohs with no better entertainment options. The encore pieces were really pretty though, the Minute Waltz and this shiny little Brazilian number I didn’t know.

Today being the 193rd birthday of Clara Schumann, the conductor decided to do Traumerei (pretty much the only encore I hear the SSO do; shui lan doesn’t let them encore most of the time (hopefully out of modesty)).

Induction is tripping along. Can’t wait for it to be over, I much prefer doing actual work that requires my skill instead of random admin stuff to learn about the organization that I serve. Plus there’s dragon boating tomorrow. Quelle horreur. I wish they’d come up with something more neutral and enjoyable to all as opposed to some pseudo-OBS thing that we (at least the dsta scholars) already went through for team-building/clever baby production. why can’t we have poker trips instead? something more our age range?

Dear fellow induction students:
1. ‘lack’, as a verb, is transitive. you don’t say “we are lacking of xxx” five times in one presentation. you LACK something. and that something is decent grammar.
2. ‘The reason is because’ is a tautological construction. The fact that it is a ‘reason’ means it is explaining the cause of something. You don’t have to say ‘because’. Either ‘This happened because…’ or ‘The reason is that…’.
3. If you are unsure about your verb/noun conjugation, there really is no need to add ‘s’s to the end of every others word in a completelys innocent sentences.

Trust me, this is for your benefit rather than my peace of mind (although it does help my sanity to get this out). It will help any potential grammar nazis you interact with to take you seriously.



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